Thursday, May 7, 2015

5/7/15 Report - Surprise, Surprise! Ferrari's, Wheat Pennies & Old Silver Coin Ring. The Seven R's Of Metal Detecting.

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Dug Silver Coin Ring

Surprise, Surprise!  That is what Gomer Pyle used to say.

You never know what you might dig up.  A couple of boys digging in a yard found a valuable Ferrari.  Yep, the sports car.  It was later restored and now is worth millions.

That wasn't the only car that was dug up. 

Cars are lost at the beach too.  There used to be car frames on the beach just north of Rio Mar.  I once saw a picture of where cars in a parking lot got washed onto the beach around there during a hurricane. 

Cars occasionally drive into the Indian River too.  It wasn't long ago that one went over the hill at the end of Midway.

I've also found old antique car parts including engine blocks in the river.  I suppose they pushed old junk cars over the bank like all of the other junk back in the day.

Here is a link to the article about the dug up Ferrari.

Thanks to William K. for giving me the lead to this story.


Crusted Unknown Coin.

I noticed a couple crusty old finds in my questionable junk box and decided to clean them off to see what there were.

The first was a totally crusted over coin.  I couldn't see any detail on it at all.  It was smaller than a penny and bigger than a dime.

I gave it a quick bath in an acid solution.  It turned out to be a wheat penny that was so worn or corroded that even cleaned I couldn't make out a date.  So much was worn off that it was as close to a dime in size as it was to a penny.

The next item I investigated was a crusted large ring.  I couldn't tell what it was made of with the crust on it.  Again, I dipped it in an acid solution.  After washing it off and neutralizing the acid with baking soda, I could barely make out some pattern or design.

Silver Coin Ring Showing IN GOD WE TRUST.

It turned out to be a coin ring.  On the outside were the words "IN GOD WE TRUST" and some stars.

On the inside I eventually made out the words "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and "HALF DOLLAR."  (See photo top of post.)

That was a pleasant surprise.  It was made of an older half dollar.  I'll try to narrow it down some more.

It is well worn and the words aren't easy to read with the naked eye.

It is always fun to investigate mystery finds. I don't even know how long these two were in the box before I got around to cleaning them.  Once again I wish I had better records.  That seems to be a common theme.


The seven Rs of metal detecting.

Recover lost items
Remove trash
Return coins to circulation
Respond to requests to locate items
Recognize signs of historical or archaeological sites.
Report significant discoveries
Recycle dug materials
                                       by TreasureGuide.


On the Treasure Coast the surf will be decreasing today and back down to one foot by Sunday.

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