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6/16/15 Report - Sharks Close St. Lucie Beaches. Tropical Storm Bill. Titanic. More On Seminole War.

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St. Lucie County Beaches were closed yesterday because of sharks.  A decision will be made to determine if the beaches will be reopened today.

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If you didn't see the National Geographic TV program called Drain The Titanic, you might want to watch for it.  They discussed how the Titanic came apart as it sank, and how the debris field was formed, and that is what gave Ballard the clue that led to finding the wreck.  When Ballard learned how the debris field would be spread out, he knew how to run a search pattern that would eventually intersect with the debris field.

I've talked about a similar search strategy as it relates to coin lines.

One interesting thing they showed was how the wreck itself was deteriorating very rapidly due to a type bacteria that consumes rust.  Rusticles covered the deteriorating hull.

According to Wikipedia, A rusticle is a formation of rust that looks like an icicle or stalactite and occurs when wrought iron oxidizes under water.  Rusticles are created by microbes that consume iron.

During the program, family members of those who lost lives on the Titanic said the site should remain undisturbed as a grave site.  However, after seeing an exhibit of artifacts from the wreck, they could see how the exhibit memorialized those who lost their lives.

I thought there was something of a contradiction when they showed recovered artifacts but at the same time said that the site should remain untouched.  You can't really do both.

They were surprised how quickly the wreck was deteriorating.  If you have a "no touch" policy, you have to realize that things will still deteriorate and disappear.  

Things can be viewed and displayed in a very realistic way these days using forms of virtual reality. I suspect we'll be seeing more of that type of thing in the future.  The program itself showed very realistic pictures as the site might appear if it was no longer covered by water.

I've seen some very realistic holograms that really made me wonder if it was a real person or not. That reminds me of the people that think that man never waked on the moon, but it was all a big hoax.

It seems to me that it is getting easier and easier to create a convincing alternate to reality.  I can imagine how that could possibly be a problem in the future.

They also mentioned how the wreck site could be monitored and protected by underwater robots.

Here is a web site showing how underwater robots could be used for port security.  


The underwater robots are something like underwater drones.

Some people are concerned about cameras being everywhere: land, sea and air.


Recently I showed a few Seminole War artifacts that were found by detectorists and made a few comments concerning the Seminoles and slavery.  I think we all know that the Seminole Wars were very much about slavery.  

I just ran across another book written by an author who was there.  The book was published in 1858 by Joshua R. Giddings, It has the title The Exiles of Florida: or, The Crimes Committed By Our Government Against The Maroons, Who Fled From South Carolina And Other Slave States, Seeking Protection Under The Spanish Laws.

Here is the introduction to the book.

DISCARDING that code of morals which teaches the suppression of truth, for the purpose of upholding the honor, either of the Government, or of the individuals who wield its administration, the Author of the following work has endeavored to give a faithful record of those interesting events which appear directly connected with the Exiles of Florida.
Torn from their native land, their friends and homes, they were sold in the markets of Carolina and Georgia. Feeling the hand of oppression bearing heavily upon them, they fled to Florida, and, under Spanish laws, became free. Holding lands of the Spanish Crown, they became citizens of that Territory, entitled to protection. To regain possession of their truant bondmen, Georgia made war upon Florida, but failed to obtain her object.
At a time of profound peace, our army, acting under the direction of the Executive, invaded Florida, murdered many of these free men, and brought others to the United States and consigned them to slavery. An expensive and bloody war followed; but failing to capture more of the Exiles, our army was withdrawn.
This war was followed by diplomatic efforts. Florida was purchased; treaties with the Florida Indians were made and violated; gross frauds were perpetrated; dishonorable expedients were resorted to, and another war provoked. During its protracted continuance of seven years, bribery and treachery were practiced towards the Exiles and their allies, the Seminole Indians; flags of truce were violated; the pledged faith of the nation was disregarded. By these means the removal of the Exiles from Florida was effected. After they had settled in the Western Country, most of these iniquities were repeated, until they were driven from our nation and compelled to seek an asylum in Mexico.
Men who wielded the influence of Government for the consummation of these crimes, assiduously labored to suppress all knowledge of their guilt; to keep facts from the popular mind; to falsify the history of current events, and prevent an exposure of our national turpitude.
The object of this work is to meet that state of circumstances; to expose fraud, falsehood, treachery, and other crimes of public men, who have prostituted the powers of Government to the perpetration of murders, at the contemplation of which our humanity revolts.
The Author has designed to place before the public a faithful record of events appropriately falling within the purview of the proposed history; he has endeavored, as far as possible, to do justice to all concerned. Where the action of individuals is concerned, he has endeavored to make them speak for themselves, through official reports, orders, letters, or written evidences from their own hands; and he flatters himself that he has done no injustice to any person.

And here is the link to the entire book online.


It seems Mr. Giddings was not a big fan of government, at least not their actions in this regard.

If you are interested, take a look at the book for yourself.

If you are wondering, this book and other old books are out of copyright.  U. S. copyright law provides protection for works created after 1978 for the author's lifetime plus 70 years.  It gets more complicated for works produced before that.

Project Gutenberg is said to be the largest digital library.  It was an effort to convert books to a digital format and make them free to the public.  You might keep it in mind when looking for metal detecting leads or simply interesting reading.


In my 6/12/15 post I showed a ring that was lost and returned.  I talked about how we need to share about good deeds done by detetorists in order to help promote the hobby.  One way you can do that is by sharing that post.  Please do that any way you can.

One thing I don't like about the blog format is that old posts that deserve to continue receiving attention are quickly replaced and buried under newer posts.


While we have a week of very calm surf on the Treasure Coast, the second tropical storm of the year has formed in the Gulf and will go ashore near Houston.

Projected Path of Tropical Storm Bill.

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