Saturday, June 6, 2015

6/6/15 Report - South Hutchinson Island Beach Detecting Conditions Very Poor. Car Break-Ins.

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I went out to take a look at some Treasure Coast beaches this afternoon.  They were even more ugly than expected.  A lot of sea weed had accumulated on every beach over quite a few miles.

Fort Pierce South Jetty Park.
They finally finished with the Fort Pierce South Jetty renourishment project.  It seemed like it took half the year.   And after all of that on a busy beach weekend, they got what looks like maybe fifty people.

The beach is now over a hundred yards wide it seems.  Wonderful!  You have to take a good walk just to get to the water.  And the back beach is now built up so that it is probably three feet higher than it used to be.  The sand doesn't look like it is as bad as last time when it was half junk.

The people in the water are out some fifty yards or so east of where people used to wade.  And the old wading area is now under tons of sand.

John Brooks Park.
About four miles south at John Brooks Park it was just as ugly.  A lot of sand and sea weed.  But worse yet, cars had smashed windows and people were waiting for the police to arrive.  Theft has been a problem there for a few years, but not just there.

John Brooks is fairly isolated and the parking lot is not visible from the beach.  It is an easy place for thieves to operate.

Be careful where you park.  And don't leave valuables in the car.

Taking a look at this photo you can't help but notice the low population density on the Treasure Coast as compared to major metropolitan tourist areas like South Florida.  Must be about one thousandth of the people and therefore a similar proportion of modern targets.

Walton Rocks Beach.
Another several miles south at Walton Rocks, the beach looks similar in some ways.  Again notice the sea weed.   The front beach is more firm though.  There weren't any real shell piles.  There were a few pieces of old fossils to be seen.

I don't have time for a regular post tonight, but wanted to get this report in and remind you to be careful about where you park.

Someone asked me about Blowing Rocks and if you could still detect there.  I assume so, but can anyone tell me for sure?

That is all for tonight.

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