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6/5/15 Report - More Coin and Relic Finds. Five Bullion Wrecks & The S. S. Central America Salvage Project

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May 2015 Finds by Richard O.
Photo submitted by Richard O.
As you know the Treasure Coast beaches have been sanded in.  As a result older items are not generally being found on those beaches.  Richard O., who has made some great finds lately said... All the Beaches I've been detecting are still sanded in. One spot must have 5 feet of new sand since last November. Plus all the beach re-nourishments all along the Florida Coast.

30 and 50 Caliber Shells Found by Richard O.
Photo submitted by Richard O.

He said, This group of Finds are from May 2015 and found in one day on the Relics and the New York Militia Plate. The pictures of the 30 and 50 caliber shells were also found in (1) day. I had to lug these around for 5 hours in my backpack because they filled up my digging pouch real fast.

In the black box, all the items on the left side of the case are flat buttons from the 1800's and on the right side of the case is a couple of large cents.

Also you can see there a seated dime and a shield nickel, which were found near where a New York Militia Plate was found.

The New York Militia Plate, shown below, was found about 4 -5 hundred yards from where a South Carolina Palmetto Plate was found last year.

New York Militia Plate
Find and photo by Richard O.

Super finds Richard!

A lot of people do the same thing no matter what.  And a lot of people just do the easiest thing.  That is fine, but it will limit your finds.

Congratulations Richard!  And thanks much for sharing.


Site analysis always helps.  I have some posts on site analysis planned.  One is on shipwreck site analysis.  I've had that one on my mind for some time, but haven't put it together yet.  I have a great article from a nautical archaeology journal that is a big help.

I also plan to look at other types of sites and have one of those other ones almost ready to go.


I also heard from Joe D.   Joe said, ...Had been wanting to check this place out for awhile! Had to hike in a bit, but I figured that not many people had done that to detect this location! No coins yet, but I'm in the process of researching a date range for what I did find!

By the way, great Memorial Day post! Keep up the good work, the knowledge that you share with us is priceless!

Here is a picture of what Joe saw at the site.  Broken glass and ceramics is often one of the first and signs of an good site.

Photo of Undisturbed Inland Site by Joe D.

On the left is shown some of the ceramics and on the right some of the metal items found there by Joe D.

When you are on an old site, you never know what might pop up.

The shot gun shells might give you a good date range.  They are usually easy to research.

The finds I got on my West Virginia site spanned hundreds of years.  There were Native American items as well as much more modern items.  Items from a single site can be found very close together, and sometimes the older items will be on top of the newer items.  There are ways that can happen.

Thanks for sharing Joe.  Way to go!  Its always fun to explore a new site.  And it can be worth getting out away from the crowd.


Coins On Site Of S. S. Central America
Source: link found below.
Odyssey Marine Exploration said it completed search and preliminary inspection operations for its "Olympus" project in the Northern Atlantic, which contains five 20th-century shipwrecks believed to be carrying silver and gold bullion.

The company noted all shipwrecks have been located and that its team collected data on each wreck including multibeam surveys, sub-bottom imaging and visual inspections with a remotely operated vehicle.
"The data collected will allow us to plan the most cost-efficient recovery plan utilizing the Odyssey Explorer and a leased vessel," said CEO Mark Gordon.

Here is a link for more on the Olympus project here is a link.

After hitting a peak of over $4.00 per share, Odessey Marine stock fell to under 50 cents per share.  It has recently increased, probably as a result of this and other news.

They also continue to salvage the S. S. Central America.  Here is a good report on that.

A complete cargo listing of the S. S. Central America can also be found on the site.

Here is a list of items recovered from the S. S. Central America during the specified period.  The list is from the link immediately above.


I was sorry to hear that the mother of Joan T. passed away.  Joan has contributed to this blog over the years.  Sorry for your loss Joan.

Joan sent this link.


Unfortunately there is absolutely no change on the Treasure Coast beaches and none expected soon.

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