Friday, June 19, 2015

6/19/15 Report - BiG NEWS! 30 Silver Treasure Coins Just Found Off Treasure Coast! Beach Detecting Conditions Remain Poor.

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30 Silver Coins Just Found by Captain Jonah's Crew of The Capitana.
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah Martinez.
Captain Jonah said,   The Capitana boys are on. We have been working hard everyday we can. Just keep on it and you will find. Not a bad day, 30 silver coins !!! Special thanks to Brent, Bill and Dan.

Way to go guys!  Brent, Bill and Dan are the crew.  Good job!


Another salvage boat was out working this morning.  Here it is.

Salvage Boat Working An Area Near The Famed "Carpet Of Gold" This Morning.

While water conditions are nice and calm, beach detecting conditions are very poor.  Not only is every place sanded in, but there are very few beach goers on the Treasure Coast beaches.  Where did everybody go?

At one popular beach, there were NO cars but mine.  At one of the treasure beaches, there was only one other car.   So not only are beach conditions poor, but there isn't even much of anybody out there to lose anything.

I did dig a few things.  The first thing was a key.  I hate to find keys,  You know somebody could have been very inconvenienced by the loss, but here is usually no way to find and return lot keys.

Here are some other beach photos from three separate beaches to give you a good idea of what it is like out there.  Photos were taken this morning just after low tide.

I saw one sea turtle leaving the beach this morning.

Expect more of the same on the Treasure Coast well into next week.

Happy hunting,