Friday, June 26, 2015

6/26/15 Report - Mystery Find For ID. Other June 2015 Finds. Anheuser-Busch Sea Glass. Pet Burial Urn Find.

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June 2015 Finds by Richard O. AKA GoldNugget Including 1800s Buttons and Coins.
First off today, I'd like to thank the people who expressed their kind get well wishes.  The readers of this blog are quality people.  I really feel that when I get such kind emails from people that I have never met.

I haven't got the stitches out yet but made some adjustments to my detector's arm cuff and took some other precautions, so was able to detect.  It was a little more awkward than usual, but OK.

Thanks for your thoughts!  It makes a difference.


Concerning the email I receive, I get a lot of response to my posts on beach dynamics.  If you go back through this blog you'll see that I discuss that from time to time.  Some of that material comes from the literature on beach dynamics that I then take and apply to the subject of metal detecting, and some of it comes from my own experimentation and observations.

Richard O., also known as GoldNugget, sent the following email along with some pictures.

I got to read the Post from June 23 , 2015 about Beach Sand.  Nothing is more true on the light sand. Since I have  been submitting  some of my Monthly Beach Finds for about 2 years I notice a lot of the light sand hitting the top of the ( Flat ) Dunes where I detect ( Overwash ), Also if the waves move about 4 more inches it takes and moves the Small Button and Real (Reales) I find along with some of the Coins that have been buried for about 175 years. If someone can Identify the Item that is in the Red Circle it would be appreciated...

...I am trying to get a Better Date on the Budweiser Bottle, currently 1940-1950's,  It's Beach Glass found also this month of June.

Below is a closer view of the mystery object for ID.  You can get an idea of size by looking at the picture at the top of this post.

 Richard has done a good bit of research on this but hasn't been able to ID the object yet.  Any help on ID would be appreciated.

Mystery Object For ID.
Cross In Circle Surrounded By Rays.

Below are more find photos from Richard.

 Below is a picture of a piece of Budweiser sea glass that Richard wanted to date.

Source: web site at right.

The piece of sea glass (above) shows one eagle wing behind the A and one in front like the post-1933 examples shown in the third row down.

The eagle also appears to have an open mouth more like the eagle in the 1940s - 1950s example.

I think that narrows it down pretty well.

The A & Eagle trademark is the most widely recognized symbol of Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. and Anheuser-Busch, Inc. First used on the company’s beer products in 1872, the symbol was not registered with U.S. Patent Office until 1877. The trademark (No. 4623) soon became widely recognized as a symbol of quality throughout the world.

According to the company’s statements at the time, the essential elements of the design were “…the capital letter A and the figure of an eagle standing on the American shield…” The original eagle had its wings folded back into the “A.” Around the turn of the century, one or both of the eagle’s wings were spread outside of the “A” in an uplifted, flying motion. In 1939, the Union shield of stars and stripes was replaced with a horizontal striped shield...

Here is the link for more from that web site.

Great finds Richard.  Congratulations!

I like old sea glass with names and logos.  I'll show some more of those in the future.


Pet Burial Urn
Find and photo by Mitch King.

Mitch King identified the "heart art" object I posted yesterday as a pet burial urn.  Here is a photo he sent showing one that he found.

Thanks much Mitch.

The one I showed yesterday isn't quite that big, but they seem to come in a variety of sizes.  If you search the internet you'll find a variety of pictures of pet urns in various sizes, many are in the shape of small hearts.  One I saw on the internet also had a black bag like the bag I showed yesterday.

Surprising to me is the fact that there is no evident way for opening the urn.  I guess the ashes are sealed in the object.

My object is much smaller than the one Mitch showed, both in diameter and depth.

My Heart Art With Quarter.
The back seems very unfinished.

Signature On My Heart Object Find.
Could the signature be the name or the artist, owner, or pet?  Doesn't really seem like a pet's name.

Can you make out the name?

Unlike Mitch, I failed to provide a size comparison in my photo yesterday.  Sometimes that is most helpful.  Try to remember that when you send photos.  Thanks.


Again, no change in Treasure Coast beach conditions.

Happy hunting,