Wednesday, June 24, 2015

6/24/15 Report - Captain Martinez and Crew of the Capitana Still On The Treasure Trail. Great Finds!

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There they are.  That is a super bunch of reales, and if you look down around the middle of that bunch you'll see an escudo.

Congratulations to Captain Jonah Martinez and the crew of the Capitana!  Really great job!

Who said it has all been picked?

Treasure is still there.  The problem for beach hunters is getting to it.  We can't use blowers so we'll have to wait until Mother Nature uncovers whatever is out there and kicks it up.

Stormy weather is the time for beach hunting, and calm weather is the time for the treasure salvors.

These guys are already having a great year.  Who knows what's next?

You can see every denomination of reale there.

The escudo is a one-escudo.  The other escudo was incorrectly reported as a two escudo.  It is also a one-escudo.

Dan sent me the correction saying, The gold coin that we recently found is also a 1 escudo. Same as the first. And the 51 silver reales and gold coin was our earlier finds. Two day total.

Great two days, for sure!

It would be fun to study the entire group.

Below are close-ups of the escudo.   All of these photos were sent by Captain Jonah.

The Capitana Busy Finding Treasure.
You can't ask for flatter water and bluer skies.  Beautiful day for finding treasure.

Artifact and Escudo.

Bet that gave a screaming signal.

Thanks Captain for sharing your great adventure with all of us.

The Treasure Coast beaches are about as poor as I've ever seen.  Nothing real promising in the forecast either.

I've been doing some experimenting and scouting.  I can't wait for a something to move some sand.  I'm ready.

Happy hunting,