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7/12/15 Report - Steamboats On The Indian River. Flip-ups And Eye-Balling. Good Coca Cola Bottling Plant Web Site.

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The St. Augustine - Indian River

Terry T. has a blog on railroads and has a nice post on the Jupiter and Lake Worth Railroad that you might want to look at.

I once talked about steamships traveling the Indian River.  There were a few docks where steamboats such as the St. Lucie made regular stops.  One was down by Jensen.  

Here are some nice photos that Terry sent along with the links to the source of each photo

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The Steamboat St. Lucie.

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Off For The Indian River

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Brantley's Landing - Indian River.  Probably Merritt Island.

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Thanks for the photos Terry.  I'll bet there is some good treasure waiting to be discovered in the Indian River.

Some of my favorite bottle finds came from the River.


Clint L. sent me the following email.

Hi. I wanted to comment on "flip-ups". I was searching south of Lake Worth Beach around winter of 1990. There was a 3 foot "berm" and it was almost to High Tide with rough winter-time waves.
I was searching around the berm and moving south when I spied a ladies Gold Nugget Ring laying at the base of the berm. As I reached to pick it up, I was hit by one of those waves and knocked off balance.

I got up and looked for the ring but it was gone. I searched about 30 minutes all the way into the water but to no avail.  I went back to the point where I was hit by the wave and was ready to continue to search the berm when I spied that very same ring laying on the edge of the top of the berm.
That wave literally, threw the ring straight up and it landed on the lip of the berm.

I always am looking around as I search because I do not need to look at the coil as I know where it is going. This habit of looking around lets me find good stuff by eye.

Another example is that at Lake Worth Beach, I have seen and recovered herring bone chains as they roll up the beach and roll back down. I found out that herringbone chains straighten out due to the micro sand particles filling up space between joints in the chain.

I saw 6 inches of a heavy Gold chain moving back and forth in the interzone where water runs up the beach. People were walking all around it. I stopped and pulled it and at the end of the chain was a 14 Kt. 3/4 oz. Maltese Cross. Surfer's necklace I bet!

Always look around when you are in the water. I saw many "pieces of seaweed" just under the surface that I scooped and it was $10 and $20 bills!! ...

You might remember that I also posted how Bill P. said his first cob find was a cob that apparently flipped up on top of the beach just behind a cut.

I've seen it happen and now have heard from others who have seen it happen too.

Clint provides some good advice about keeping your eyes open while you detect.  You can cover a lot more ground visually than you can with your coil.

Thanks or the helpful email Clint!


Here is a really good web site that gives the starting dates for the bottling plants.  I see that the Fort Pierce plant began in 1914, for example.  You'll find Coca Cola bottles from all around the country on the Treasure Coast, but our local bottles are some of my favorites.


No change in Treasure Coast beach detecting conditions.

Happy hunting,