Tuesday, July 14, 2015

7/14/15 Report - Where Gold & Silver Treasure Coins Were Found. Unexplained Beach Explosion. Shark Working Shallow Water.

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Cocoa Beach Detectorist Makes The News
Photo source: See link.

A Cocoa Beach detectorist made the news, but not in the way he probably hoped.

Notice the fins to the left of the detectorist.  Very shallow water where you might feel safe, but sharks work the shallow water too.

Here is the link for the story.


John M.  sent me the link.  Thanks John.

I've seen some pretty big sharks while detecting, but none of them ever paid me much attention.  That isn't to say they won't.

The ones I saw seemed to go the other way when they saw me.


Beach Erosion After Hurricane of 2004
Photo submitted by Jonah Martinez.

Here is something you don't get very often - a good look at the exact area where gold treasure coins were found. 

It is also a good illustration of erosion.

Captain Jonah sent me this photo and said, ... here's a pic showing the water channeling behind the beach and between the dune. A lot of goodies were found along with some gold coins. Thanks for all your info you post up it keeps me motivated to keep on working and to try old and new techniques to keep finding treasure.

Thanks Captain!  Great over-head photo.

I'm glad the blog provides motivation and inspiration.

If you didn't see the finds Captain Jonah's crew made this year already, I have three or four posts on that not long ago.  You might want to go back a few weeks in this blog and take a look.


This is a strange one.  A woman was injured by an unexplained beach explosion.  No evidence of explosives were found.  To me it seemed like it might have been something like a rogue lightning strike, but there was no thunder or flash or anything like that reported, so evidently not.  See if you can figure it out.




Tropical Storm Claudette is out to sea off of the northeast U. S.  We won't see any effects from that storm.


Friday we have a 0 - 1 foot surf predicted for some of the Treasure Coast.  You don't see that very often.  Really smooth for that one day.


I have three wild topics percolating in my mind, but they aren't quite ready yet.  Will take a little more time for me to put them together in a post.

That is all for today.

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