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7/9/15 Report - Swimming Beach Finds Today. Gold Spirals. Question For Maritime Archaeology.

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Couple Finds From This Morning.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the finds made by the crew of the Capitana.  Today I'll get back to the beach.

People have evidently been going to the beach on these hot days. There are a good number of recent loses out there.  Most everything I've been finding is shallow, including a fair number of modern clad coins.  They look like they haven't been out there very long at all.

The sandy beach conditions aren't good, but at least there is the modern stuff to find.  A lot of junk jewelry though, and some good jewelry.

The rings to the left were found this morning.  The picture isn't great.  The ring on the left is 14K white gold.  The picture makes it look discolored.  It isn't.   .175 troy ounces.  I see from the picture that it still had sand on it too.

Recovery of most targets has been easy due the shallow depth.  No need to dig deeper than necessary.  If you can tell a target is shallow, don't over dig.

The surf was a little higher this morning than I expected.  It was about two feet I would say.  The surf predictions say that we'll have a few days of two foot surf and then back to one foot again.

The sand on some beach fronts is really packed good.  The fine sand continues to accumulate.  If it wasn't for the recent drops, targets would be pretty scarce.

Treasure Coast Beach This Morning Near Low Tide.

You can learn to identify a lot of targets with a PI detector from the signal.  Fish hooks are very distinct.  It just takes practice.

It is a good idea to switch hunting modes.  If you have a favorite mode, you can use it a lot, but you'll benefit from using any other modes you might have once in a while.  If you really get to know another mode, you might find that it has some benefits that can be put to good strategic use.

I was using motion mode first this morning, but before finishing and after getting a lot of the targets out of the way, I rechecked the area using non-motion mode.  The signals are very different in the different modes.  It took me along time to get accustomed to using motion mode, now I'm just as comfortable with it.

There are times for each.  It can be almost like using two completely different types of detectors.

Bronze Age Gold Spirals Found

The Danish National Museum announced on Wednesday that archaeologists have uncovered a trove of gold spirals that may have been used for religious ceremonies during the Bronze Age, when the Danes’ ancestors worshiped the sun.
The spirals were recovered from a site that had been excavated before, where a team found four gold bracelets. Amateur archaeologist Christian Albertsen offered to continue searching the area on behalf of the local West Zealand Museum, believing there was more to be found – and he turned out to be right.
The some 2,000 gold spirals that were found have been dated as originating between 900-700 B.C...
Here is the link for the rest of that article.


Unlike our state archaeologists, who seem to think that everything 40 years old is important enough to protect from the citizens of the state (and that is reflected in our laws), some in archaeology have actually questioned the idea that any and every item having a little age is actually archaeologically important.

William Baker, in a chapter he wrote for a book bearing the title Maritime Archaeology, actually points out that "most relatively modern unidentified ship finds" are of no importance to anybody other than what might be salvaged and sold.

You might want to take a look at this preview of his chapter, which is entitled The Technical Importance of Shipwreck Archaeology.

Here is that link.

I think I had the entire chapter online one time but can't find it now.


Well, like I said, conditions aren't good, but you will find some stuff at the swimming beaches these days.

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