Tuesday, July 7, 2015

7/7/15 Report - More New Treasure Finds On The Treasure Coast! The Capitana Continues Hot On The Treasure Trail.

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Recent Finds By the Crew of the Capitana.  Part 1
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah Martinez
They are still hot on the Treasure Trail.  Congratulations guys.

We are very fortunate to get to see these finds.  Most people don't get to see them as they come up, if they get to see them at all.  Some of these finds will go into the Florida collection and a few might go on display, but others will spend a lot of time in a basement in Tallahassee and will be viewed only by a select few.  Some might eventually appear in expensive books.   I'm very appreciative that Captain Martinez lets us get a look at them as they look when found and before they go into conservation.  He is doing the public a great service.  Thanks to the Captain and crew of the Capitana!

That is only the beginning though.  Below are two more pictures that were originally part of one big picture.  I clipped the original into three pictures so that I could show them better.

Recent Finds By the Crew of the Capitana.  Part 2.
Notice the very neat fork size artifact on the right top of this photo.  I'll show another picture of that item below.

Also notice the three big eights at the bottom.  And notice the rust color patina, especially on the middle one.

That is something I didn't mention yesterday.  Coins will often attract a patina from other nearby metals.  In this case it appears to be rust.  The rust colored cobs might have been next to a cannon or some other iron object for years.

Otherwise you have a lot of the five shades of grey typical of silver found in sea water.

If you read yesterday's post, you might also note the similar appearance with the sand and shell pieces adhering to the surface of many of the cobs.  The cobs appear to be pretty chunky - even the half reales.  My guess is that they remained protected by layers of sand most of the time they were out there.

Recent Finds By the Crew of the Capitana.  Part 3.
In addition to the coins, this picture also shows some musket balls of various sizes.

Below is that close-up of the artifact that I promised.

Close Up View of Artifact Held By Crew Member of Capitana
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah.
And below is a close-up of three big cobs as they looked shortly after seeing the first light of day in maybe 300 years.

One thing that you beach hunters might want to know is that the Capitana is still working in real close to the beach.

Close Up Photo of Three Big Newly Found Cobs.
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah.
If you think you've seen it all, you're wrong.  There is more to see.  I'll post more soon.


I occasionally receive photos from people showing flakes of iron that people have found with their metal detector.  I suppose if you don't know how to tell the difference, they might look a lot like these silver cobs.  One easy way to tell the difference, besides the lack of a cross or any of the design on the cob, is to use a magnet.  The iron flakes will be picked up by a magnet. Silver cobs won't.


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I think that is about enough for you to look at today.  I have some more of the Capitana's finds to show and some things of my own to say, but that can wait, there will be plenty of future posts.

I don't think I've ever seen such a long period of suck calm seas.  There is no change in the forecast for the Treasure Coast.

Happy hunting,