Wednesday, July 8, 2015

7/8/15 Report - More Treasure Finds From The Capitana. Local Beaches Still Poor For Detecting But There Are Still Recet Drops.

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Yesterday I showed a lot of new treasure finds from the Treasure Coast and promised to show more today, so today I have more pictures of finds made by the crew of the Capitana.

Here is the first.

All of the treasure find photos that I'm showing today were submitted by Captain Jonah Martinez of the Capitana.

Great finds and great photos!  Thanks Captain!

Immediately below you'll see some more cobs and also a pendant and buckle.

Notice the heavily encrusted cobs.

At top right  is the pendant, most likely religious.

Bottom right in the picture below you see a broken buckle.

Kathleen Deagan's book, Artifacts o the Spanish Colonies of Florida and the Caribbean, 1500 - 1800 presents a good treatment of both pendants and buckles.  I'd recommend taking a look at that book in your local library rather than buying it.  If it isn't in your local branch, ask for an inter-library loan.  They'll get it for you.

The pendant looks like a common religious pendant.  Note the hole on top, which goes left to right.  That is common for the period.

The buckle looks like a shoe buckle.

And here are some more pictures of reales.

 These three pictures I clipped from one large photo.

You'll notice how much some of these cobs ( especially a couple of those at the bottom of the picture) look like the mottled corroded silver dime I showed a couple of days ago.

Beach hunting has been very poor for quite a long time.  That is all because of the sand.  If you can get down under a few feet of sand, like can be done with blowers, the treasure is still there.

That is why I spend so much time talking about surf conditions and how sand moves. 

It doesn't necessarily take three hundred years for things get down to near bedrock.  It can happen quickly if the conditions are right.


For you beach hunters, this is what it looked like this morning on the Treasure Coast.

Treasure Coast Beah This Morning Near Low Tide.
You can see the small surf.  Also the broad flat front beach that is caused by the smooth surf and fine grain sand.  Very few shells.

There were a good number of recent coin spills.  I guess people have been going to the beach during these hot summer days, even if not early.

Detecting conditions remain poor.  Only recent drops.

Happy hunting,