Thursday, November 10, 2016

11/10/16 Report - Mystery Find. Story of Returned Ring. November 11 Educational Talks in Orlando.

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Mystery Object


Here is a cool YouTube video showing the finding of a ring then cleaning, researching and eventually the return of the ring.

Here is the link.

Thanks to Bernie C. for pointing me to this video.


I did a little land hunting today.  I don't do that often, but I always like to when I have an interesting place to look.  Not much success, but did find the mystery object shown above.  Maybe someone can tell me what it is.

Obviously I didn't get it cleaned yet.  It looks something like a wrench on one end but is bent up on the other end like it was coat hook or something.

It was found in an area that has been used continuously for hundreds of years.


Here is the schedule and description of the educational talka that will be held in Orlando before the Sedwick Coins floor auction.

Friday November 11th

Martin Woodward (Isle of Wight, U.K.)

2:00PM "Treasures from the Deep: Significant Shipwreck Finds from the Isle of Wight and U.K."

Martin Woodward has been a professional diver since 1968, and is still actively diving in the UK and other locations worldwide. He was also involved with the RNLI for a total of 38 years, retiring as Coxswain of the Bembridge, Isle of Wight, lifeboat on reaching the age limit. Martin’s diving career includes “deep saturation” diving in the North Sea, oilfields in the Persian Gulf and many other locations worldwide. It has covered all aspects of commercial diving, including multiple shipwreck and salvage projects.
Isaac Rudman (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)
3:30PM "La Vida de un Coleccionista Profesional" (in Spanish)

Isaac Rudman, originally from Cuba, splits his time between Santo Domingo and Miami, and made his money importing and manufacturing home appliances. He collects Latin American art, rare coins, and pre-Columbian artifacts, among other things. He has been a collector for over 40 years and has vast experience in collecting from all over the world. From a button to a sculpture or the rarest of Mexican coins--he has seen it all.
Paul Karon (Florida, U.S.A.)
4:30PM "Strategies for Purchasing Potosi Cobs"

Paul Karon lived for over 38 years in San Juan, Puerto Rico, before moving to Florida in 1994 with his family. Paul was a very successful commercial printer with 40 years of experience; his massive operation had dozens of presses and he had hundreds of employees. In addition to printing he has been always devoted to collecting cobs, especially from Potosi, forming one of the most important collections ever offered in the 1990s along the lines of the Sellschopp accumulation. Paul became a full-time dealer specializing in cobs and went from being a collector to a curator of some other important collections. Today Paul visits the most important shows around the country and still consults clients and works as a dealer.
Dave Horner (Florida, U.S.A.)
5:45PM "Compilation of Treasure Recovery Stories 1970-1990"

Dave Horner has lived a life of adventure. From his early days in the Navy to a successful business career, he has studied subjects that interest him with a dogged determination. While living in Virginia Beach, Virginia, he founded one of the first professional dive shops in the mid-Atlantic region and pioneered sport diving for treasure through charter trips to sunken ships. He is a member of the Explorers Club and has sailed his custom schooner to interesting islands and reefs around the world. Dave is the author of several books, mostly about sunken ships, including The Treasure Galleons and Shipwreck (about the 1654 Capitana).
Friday November 11th Pre-Auction Dinner at 7:30 PM

- Saturday auction starts at 9:00 AM EST *all day.

- Sunday auction starts at 9:00 AM EST morning only.

- Monday Internet Only session, from 1PM (for about 4-5 hours)

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