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11/5/16 Report - Bon Steel to John Brooks. Gold Treasure Coin Worth Over $300,000 In Child's Play Coins. Bigger Surf Predicted For Tomorrow.

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Bon Steel Today
Photo by Darrel S.

Most of the beaches along the Treasure Coast look similar.  Notice the sea weed in the dry sand area.  The front beach has a layer of new sand and small shells.

Darrel and friends also stopped at Turtle Trail and Seagrape Trail.  Not much was found.  Darrel reported that Seagrape is still closed.

Thanks much for the report Darrel.

John Brooks This Morning.
There was new sand and some small shells piled on this beach too.

Bunches of Small Shells at Water Line.
In the early morning there was a wind shift and according to the windyty site, there was supposed to be a more northerly direction to the waves.  It didn't do much though, as you can see form the photos.

I'm sticking with my "1" (poor) Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Rating.  It is a lot better than summer.  Shouldn't take too much to get rid of some of the new sand on the beach front and open up some holes.


A man, who as a boy played pirates with the foreign coins his grandfather brought him, was playing with one "pirate"coin that was actually worth over $300,000.

According to The Telegraph, the unidentified man from Hertfordshire, England received the coin from his grandfather who traveled all around the world for work. His grandfather would bring him sacks of antique coins from his travels, and he would use the coins while pretending he was a pirate as a young boy.

The valuable coin is "a Queen Anne Vigo 5 guinea piece, made of gold seized from Spanish treasure ships in 1702. It’s one of just 15 known to be in existence."  (See below).

Gold Guinea With Other Coins

Here is the link.

Thanks to Jorge Y. for the heads-up on that story.

Just goes to show once again, it pays to know what you have.


Today's surf was not as big as predicted earlier.  Tomorrow's surf is still predicted to be up to seven feet.  It still won't help much unless they hit at a better angle.

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