Sunday, November 13, 2016

11/13/16 Report - Old Encrusted Gold Ring Found. Fishers Back To Work on Atocha and Margarita. Super Moon And Small Surf.

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Old Gold Ring Before and After Cleaning
Find and photo by Duane C.

Duane C. sent me the above pictures of the gold ring along with the following email message.

You helped me before after being referred by Terry S.  I sent a picture of an old pewter ring I had found here in SC beach hunting.

My hunting friend Bud had found this the other day after hurricane Matthew. We believe it may have came in with high ocean surge & wind during the storm. It had a heavy encrustation & below is before & after cleaning. It passed both acid & electronic testing as 10k gold weighing 2.5 grams. We were curious on how old it may be based on that crust build up. 

Maybe a good one for your blog.    Thanks again.  Duane

Below is another view of the ring.

Another View of the Same Ring.
Notice the unusual pitting and irregular surface.   I've dug gold filled rings that showed a similar effect.  If they didn't say it was tested, I would have guessed that it was gold filled.

Also wondered if it might be depletion guilded.

Here is a YouTube video showing and explaining how depletion guiding was done by the ancient Colombians.

A copper and gold alloy was created and the gold brought to the then the surface copper removed.  The result was an item with a gold surface and mostly copper underneath.

I talked about crusts and how difficult it is to determine age from crusting in my recent post on the London Hammer.  Things can crust up quickly if the conditions are right.

We are still hearing of things being found as a result of hurricane Matthew.


There was a slow down in salvage operations with the rough seas after hurricane Matthew.  The Fisher organization is now back at work.

The Magruder will be back checking the area where the rapier was found.

The Dare will be checking some big hits along the Atocha trail.

The Sea Reaper will be searching the Margarita Trail.  They will be looking for a second pile that was salvaged by the Spanish.


Pod of About Seven Dolphin In The River This Morning.

You might have noticed the big moon last night.  Monday will be the Super Moon.  The moon will be at its full phase and at its closest point to the earth at the same time.  It will be the closest since 1948 and will not happen again until 2034.

We'll have some pretty big tides, including a high high tide and a negative low tide.
The surf will be small for a few days.
I had computer problems yesterday.
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