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11/25/16 Report - Unfound Silver and Gold. Hand-held Tactical Scope. No Detecting Behind McLarty. Sewall's Point.

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Of this large quantity, 61% (24,738,000,000 troy oz) can be accounted for in silver inventories, industrial use and jewelry, etc. Much of the remaining 39% (15,793,000,000 troy oz) is considered to be unaccounted for
Much of the remaining 11.1% (479,000,000 troy oz) is considered unaccounted for and a great majority of this gold may well have been lost in the world's oceans in the form of treasure, i.e. coins, ingots, jewelry, etc.
Thus, gold, in its varied forms of treasure, still sitting unfound in many of the world's oceans (along many historical trade routes), could possibly have values ranging from a low of $2.207 trillion (5 times bullion) to a high of $4.414 trillion (10 times bullion). 11.1% (479,000,000 oz of gold) is considered unaccounted

The above comes from a notice posted  in 2004 by Undersea Recovery Corporation on the InvestorsHub web site.  The company may no longer exist and the statement was written to entice investors, so don't take it too seriously.

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Darrel S. says that Seagrape was still closed a day or two ago.  He also said they aren't allowing detecting behind McLarty Museum.  He talked to both park rangers (Florida State) as well as county officials about that.  Here is what he said.

Also, no detecting 1000 feet in both directions behind McLarty Museum.I have talked with state park and county employees and seems to be some confusion. The state park line ends just south of the museum. The cabin lies in county, NOT state park. The best advice is ask before detecting near the museum.

I'd like to hear from you if you have some trouble with them up that way.

There are a few people that don't think I should ever talk politics, but you can't separate detecting from politics.  When they decide to stop detecting in parks or on the beach or where ever, politics is involved.  Some would use government to prevent all metal detecting if they could swing it.  If you'll recall, a year or two ago there was proposed legislation that threatened shipwreck salvage and the detecting community came out to support the salvage community in opposition to the proposed legislation.  


I once read about pirate treasure being discovered at Sewall's Point.  Some old maps show an area called the Bleeche Yards down around there.

Here is a little history on Sewall's point.


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