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11/15/16 Report - Valuable 1715 Fleet Lima Eight-Escudo. Early Series Mexico Half Reale.

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Lot 30 In The Recently Concluded Sedwick Coins Auction # 20

Here is the description of lot 30, which was the gold cob bringing the highest bid.

Lima, Peru, cob 8 escudos, 1713M, encapsulated NGC MS 63, finest known in NGC census, from the 1715 Fleet (stated inside slab). S-L28; KM-38.2; CT-25. 26.8 grams. Choice full cross-lions-castles and pillars-and-waves, two full and bold dates, lustrous, broad flan, a superb specimen all around, befitting the top honors. NGC certification #4431906-001. From the 1715 Fleet, and pedigreed to the Charles Eidel collection.

The winning bid for this eight escudo was $28,000.  With buyers premium and everything, the cost was $32,900.  The pre-auction estimate was only 10 - 15 thousand, so it about doubled the estimate.

The NGC encapsulated cobs seemed to do very well.  This one was MS 63.  Maybe it is worth having such coins slabbed.

It is a pretty coin.

A 1715J Mexican slabbed eight-escudo said to be from the 1715 Fleet did nearly as well with a winning bid of $24,000.  It was MS 63 also.

Not many coins dated 1715 made it onto the 1715 Fleet.


There weren't a large number of shipwreck artifacts in this auction, but the one that brought in the highest bid was an Atocha silver plate.  The winning bid was $14,000.

A couple of gold chains sold for around $7,000.


When is a half reale worth more than an eight-escudo?  Most of the time when it is a rare early series half like this one.

Lot 574 In The Recently Concluded Sedwick Auction.
Here is the description in the Sedwick auction catalog.  Notice that it is what I have called a "celebrity coin."  It appeared in a book.

Mexico City, Mexico, 1/2 real, Charles-Joanna, "Early Series," assayer F to right (oMo-oFo), extremely rare, ex-Huntington, Nesmith Plate Coin. Nesmith-13; S-M3; CT-172. 1.60 grams. Deeply toned AVF with full legends and inner details, particularly rare (two known) and interesting as showing a new die with clean F (not F/P), desirable pedigree. Pedigreed to the A.M. Huntington collection and Plate Coin #13 in Nesmith's book.

The winning bid was $6000.


We're going to have a relatively small surf for a few days.  The tides will be high though.

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