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11/21/16 Report - Condition of Beaches Around The Treasure Coast. Beach Seeding.

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Turtle Trail Looking North.

North Treasure Shores
Treasure Shores South

McClarty Museum Beach

Turtle Trail Looking South.

Darrel S. visited a number of beaches and sent in the above photos.  Thanks a bunch Darrel!

Here is what Darrel said about those and other Treasure Coast beaches.

Decided to check more known spots.
Checked Wabasso mid tide.
Checked Treasure Shore mid tide.
Checked Cabin and McLarty Museum past mid tide. Visited museum.
Checked Seagrape - CLOSED?!
Checked Turtle Trail right at high tide 1pm. 
ALL beaches 45 degrees, mushy, no scallops, and too much dirt!!!

Thanks again Darrel.  Great report!


I received some emails about the dimes scattered over some Treasure Coast beaches.  Here are a couple.

    My thoughts on the dimes strewn around those beaches is to distract or discourage other detectorists from finding something else by masking it, or by sheer numbers! Why dimes and not pennies or some other junk stuff? Are the dimes in the detecting range of cobs or something else? Unlike you and many of your readers, I've only had the time to go up your way a few time's to detect, and haven't found much!  At least it was coins and not poptops or bottlecaps, so I think someone Did Not want to litter the beach! (another detectorist??) If they know the beaches are hunted a lot, than a flow test of where the dimes would travel over a period of time would not produce a good test sampling! There are many reasons though that one could come up with!
Joe D.

Seeding  metal  fragments on known archaeological sites or sensitive sites to deter metal detectorists  has been known here  in the UK .Many believe it has been officially sanctioned by archaeological groups or individual archaeologists in a bid to preserve and protect the sites from looting .
 I strongly suspect that the dimes have been spread  by someone either with a wicked sense of humor or someone trying to prevent historic  finds from being made. If the dimes have been spread on areas of known treasure finds then I suspect either  a fellow detectorist is trying to deter other  detectorists or there is a something more sinister being sanctioned by archaeological groups .!!!  Very negative and sad state of affairs either way.
Always a great read, look forward to your posts
Kind regards Peter H 

Thanks for your thoughts.  Those emails seem to represent what most people think about the dimes.

Back a few years ago pennies were scattered at John Brooks.  Over time I found them useful.  When they started to appear, conditions were improving.

I believe seeding can backfire.  The coins might be what some detectorists need to keep going.  When it appears that there is absolutely nothing on a beach, some detectorists will quickly give up and leave.

Darrel mentioned that Seagrape was closed still.  There was an area there cluttered with a a lot of scrap metal.  Wonder if there might not be some more interesting things there?  It might not be a coincidence that the same beach that is being seeded is closed.  Or it might be.  I don't know.


I hope you are enjoying the cooler weather.

Happy hunting,