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11/20/16 Report - Hoard of 17th Century Coins Found. Shipwreck Graveyard. Lots of Ground Waiting To Be Detected.

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The hoard of 17th Century coins was found by metal detector user Steven Ingram near the village of Ewerby.
Council finds officer Adam Daubney said the discovery was "monumental".
Farmer Chris Sardeson, who owns the land, said: "I've worked this field for more than 50 years, so no-one is more surprised than me."

Here is the link for more of the story.

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A shipwreck graveyard of more than 40 vessels which lay perfectly preserved for centuries has been discovered by scientists at the bottom of the Black Sea.

Researchers came across the ghostly wrecks by chance while mapping the sea floor at depths of between 1,000 feet and almost 6,000 feet.

At those depths there is so little oxygen that the timbers hardly decay – meaning wooden structures and even intricate carvings that are many hundreds of years old are still intact...

Here is the link for the rest of the story.

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Readers seemed surprised by the report of rolls of dimes being found along some treasure beaches as told by one reader in yesterday's post.  It appeared that the dimes were evidently new and had not been on the beach long  Others who searched the same beaches a little earlier did not find the dimes.
It seems curious that someone would use dimes as a decoy or distraction.  I thought it might be interesting to speculate on why they were there. and how they got there.  My first thought was that someone wanted to see what would happen to them.  For example, would they disappear or be washed up some where.  My second thought is that someone might have put them there for a kid to find, but if that was the case, I'd think they would be on one beach rather than spread over two or three beaches.  I just don't know.  What do you think?


A lot of people didn't know that reales were found in numbers at Ponce de Leon Park in the past. That is the type of tip that you don't get very often and which you could easily go years and years and never find out about.


Not too long ago I was detecting in West Virginia, as I do once in a while.  When I fly over I can see all of that land spread out below me.  I can't help but think of all the land that has never been detected.  It might seem at times that every place has been detected and all of the finds have been made, but that is very far from the truth.

I'd say that at least  99.99% of the land has never been detected, and some places that have been detected over and over still hold tons of good targets.  Of course, not all of the land will yield good targets, but if you look around, you'll find lots of places that might not look like they'd be worthwhile yet they produce surprising finds.

I posted this picture not long ago.  Doesn't look real promising does it?   The first time I was there I found a 1940's gold class ring just on the other side of the gully.  I also found a horseshoe, a brass harness bell and some other old wagon parts, old bullets and shells and other artifacts on the other side of the gully.   Just down the hill about ten yards from where I am in the picture, I found a silver ring.  Just up the hill a little, I found an old ax head.  There were also older coins, including some from the 1800s.  That was all from the area in and around this picture.  I've also found nice old bottles in the gully.

We won't have anything but a small or moderate surf for several days.

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