Friday, November 11, 2016

11/11/16 Report - Amazing 1715 Fleet Artifact As Found and As Cleaned. More On Relic Hunt.

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Complete Nested Weight Set  As Found.
Photos of nested weights submitted by Jonah M.

Here is a super artifact found by Dan B. on the Capitana during the 2016 salvage season.

Here is what Captain Jonah Martinez said about the artifact.
  ...This was found on aboard the Capitana this year and had a little encrustation on it. After some work at the lab we were able to open it and saw the whole set of cups were in it ,still fused more work was necessary. Once they came apart light cleaning was done next was to fasten bronze arms back to the top and outer cup. We made new little pins and doweled them...
Complete Nested Weight Set After Cleaning.

Sane Set With Weights Displayed.

Thanks much Jonah!  That is a great artifact and it is nice to see it both as found and then cleaned.


I did a second day of hunting a land site.  Here are a couple of things that I dug up.  Neither have been cleaned at all yet
Iron Toy Train Find.
I nearly threw the train away.  It looked like a piece of scrap metal until some of the dirt came off of it.  That is not a mistake that I make very often.  I am usually very careful about that.

I like really like toy trains and will probably clean this one up and mount it before display even though it looks like a piece of junk.

Watch Find.
There are more similarities than you might think between land and beach hunting.

I'll talk about some of those in the near future.

I was using a detector that I don't use very often and had to relearn how it responds to some targets.

I think it is always good to do a different type of hunting once in a while.

That is all for now.

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