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3/10/17 Report - One Of The Easier Ways To Find Old Gold Coins. Lost Dutchman's Mine Movie. Stone Age Fashion.

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If you want to find old gold coins, maybe you think about getting a boat, crew and salvage lease or maybe going to some exotic location where there is rumored to be a hidden treasure, but there might be an easier way even though it might not be exactly the kind of thing you are thinking about.

As far as I'm concerned the easiest way is to go to some high-end tourist area such as South Florida and hunt for gold jewelry.  You might be surprised how many gold coins are found mounted in jewelry.  Gold coins are frequently mounted in rings, pendants and even earrings.  You'll see them at jewelry stores and other places.

One of the most common gold coins used in jewelry are Dos Peso coins from the 1900s.  They are fairly common and not real valuable.  You probably paid a lot more for your metal detector than most of those coins would be worth.

Below is an example of a mounted 2.5 peso gold coin.

The pendant is nice.

Below is another example.  This pendant has some small diamonds.

The most common mounted coins are on the small side, especially if they are found in a ring or earring.  Larger coins can be found in pendants.

You can find gold coins dating from ancient times up to the present mounted in jewelry.  If you go to the Mel Fisher web site and take a look at the mounted coins they sell from time to time, you'll see that there are some nice 1715 Fleet coins that are mounted.  They are lost at times too.  And found again.

There are also replica or fantasy coins that are mounted, so you have to be careful about that.  Fake coins are often used for jewelry.


I started watching an old movie on TV last night.  It was Lust for Gold, copyrighted 1949.  I didn't see the beginning, and when I started watching I didn't know it was about treasure.  At the end, they pointed out that the story had some basis in fact.  It was the story of the Lost Dutchman's Mine.  At the end of the movie a narrator said something to the effect that it was in Arizona and it would be legal for anyone to search for the lost mine.  That was in 1949.  I suppose it is still fair game.

You might enjoy the movie, especially knowing that it is somewhat based upon the story of the Lost Dutchman's Mine.  It was on Turner Classics, and they'll probably run it again.

You can learn more about the Lost Dutchman's Mine by using the following link.'s_Gold_Mine

Concerning the movie, most of it wasn't anything spectacular.  It was the part at the end that I liked the most.


High Fashion from 4800 BC.

In the first study of its kind, archaeologists have identified the garment a body was buried in between 4950 and 4800 BCE in the Mediterranean, discovering details down to the embroidered design of seashells lining the jacket...

The garment had sophisticated embroidery, with 158 conical seashells – of the species Columbella rustica – arranged in lines on what was thought to be a jacket or tunic. They are arranged in patterns, either all pointing up, all pointing down, or alternating in pairs...


We're having the most beautiful weather, small surf and negative tides.  It is a good time to be on the beach and in the water even if the beach hunting isn't that great.

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