Saturday, March 4, 2017

3/4/17 Report - More Rough Surf Coming. Some Treasure Coast Beach Changes.

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Yesterday I showed a photo of John Brooks beach taken in the morning.  Below are a couple photos of the same beach taken in the evening.

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Of course the light is coming from the west and there are dark shadows, but during the day yesterday, about a foot was added to the cut there.

The same beach this morning didn't look much different.  It didn't appear that anything much happened to the cut overnight.

As you might recall, as nice as this cut looks, it was about the same two other times in the last two or three weeks.  It has been cutting and then filling again.

At first glance the beach looks fairly good until you compare it with what it has looked like in the past. Then it doesn't look so good.  In the past the same beach had been cut much deeper and farther back.  In 2004, for example, it was cut back to and beyond the dunes and walkover.  That is a long distance behind where the cut is today.

That tells you that all of that sand in front of the dunes and walkover is sand that filled in sine that time. That is obvious, but something to think consider when evaluating.

There were times in the past when tiny little cuts and even just scallops produced cobs, but during those time the beach was far west of where it is now.

I'm not saying that cobs won't wash up now, but there is a lot of sand piled on top of anything in front of the beach, which is way out in the water, compared to times past.  It also eliminates the possibility of cobs coming from the dunes - at least until it gets cut that far back and down again.

The cut at Frederick Douglass was a little deeper this morning than it was yesterday.   I stood looked and when I thought of times in the past when I hunted there years ago, it was hard to imagine that it was the same beach.  It looked nothing like it did in those days gone by.  Now the cut is over a hundred yards in front of where it had been.

I was thinking of when the beach was cut back to the base of the trees.  Again, it looked nothing like it did today.

Still Frederick Douglass didn't appear to be producing today.

I took a photo of a hole I dug at Douglass.  Shells were generally absent, but when I dug a hole, I found small crushed shells under a very thin layer of sand.  They were too small to be encouraging though.

Frederick Douglass Beach This Morning.

South of Frederick Douglass Beach This Morning.
This areas was a little different.  Here you could see a few shells, but what I tried to capture is the transition from a slope on the front of the cut, to a straight up and down cut.  I didn't capture it well, but it is just above and right of center of the photo.

Despite the nice looking cuts I'm not going to upgrade my beach conditions rating from a 2 just yet.  Maybe it will develop more later.  I didn't get beyond South Hutchinson Island today.

One other beach to the south that I looked at had no cuts at all - just some small dips that produced modern coins.

According to the surf predictions, we'll have some higher surf tomorrow.  We're supposed to get five to seven feet tomorrow.   Maybe that will help.  Unfortunately the wind is not as northerly as it was. surf predictions.

When it comes to treasure, sometimes it is where you are and other times it is where you ain't.

I always like the word ain't.  I don't know if it is because it is one of those words the teachers discouraged, or if, as I think, it is more effective somehow.  It just sounds a little more negative or definite somehow.  Maybe it is just a part of the local culture where I grew up.

Anyhow, at least we're getting some movement of sand.

Happy hunting,