Tuesday, March 28, 2017

3/28/17 Report - 17th Century Wreck Finally Identified. Time To Make Plans For The 2017 Treasure Hunters Cookout. 160 Mile Per Hour Winds From Cyclone Debbie.

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Make your plans now.

"We've watched it fall apart in front of our eyes for five years," said Dave Parham, senior lecturer in marine archaeology at Bournemouth University. "But you can only do one thing at a time."
The Swash Channel wreck is an early 17th Century armed merchant ship.
It was found in 7-9m of water on a sand and shingle seabed on the edge of Hook Sands near Poole Harbour in Dorset in March 1990, when a Dutch dredger hit it.
It was left for almost 15 years until an assessment for English Heritage in 2005 found it was a much more significant site than first thought...

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More recently they identified that wreck as the Fame.
The so-called Swash Channel Wreck was discovered in a sand and shingle bank outside Poole Harbour.
Experts believe it to be a Dutch merchant vessel named The Fame which foundered in a storm in March 1631...

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If you've been keeping up with my posts on how sand moves, I've been adding a little every once in a while.

I added a big new piece to my understanding of what causes erosion when I got into topics such as liquefaction and sand shearing.  Those are engineering terms that have been studied experimentally, but I have been applying them to beach erosion.

In a few words, I've become more clear on the roll and importance of pore pressure. That is refers to the spaces between grains.

I'll try to more fully explain what I've learned about that some day soon.

Funny how you study a topic for a long while and every once in a while you learn something new that adds a whole new dimension.


Cyclone Debbie strikes Australia with 160 mile per hour winds.

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The weather has been absolutely beautiful on the Treasure Coast.  Unfortunately the beach conditions haven't been great.  While the surf subsides, we are now having some good tides.

Our hurricane season begins in less than two months.

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