Monday, March 20, 2017

3/20/17 Report - Treasure Coast Beaches Show Little Improvement So Far. Increased Surf Predicted.

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Rio Mar Beach This Morning.

Looking South Towards Seagrape Trail Access.
As you might be able to see in the photo above, there were a few dips just north of the Seagrape Trail access around where the shard teeth sometimes accumulate.  It wasn't much.  There weren't many shells, and very little sign of any erosion at all this morning.

Looking North Around Bend North of Seagrape Trail This Morning.

South of Turtle Trail Looking Towards Second Flag Pole.

 I went out this morning to check some beaches.  As you can see not much was going on yet.  There was almost no erosion at Rio Mar.

At Seagrape Trail there was very little erosion.  There were a lot of coconuts laying along the high tide line.  The only smidgen of a cut was south at the second flag pole.  There was a dip starting at about the second flag pole and went south for a distance.  That was about it.

The waves were hitting straight on and weren't very big at all this morning.  There was no sign of the bags below Turtle Trail.  They seemed to be pretty deeply covered.

I saw a few detectorists out checking the beaches this morning, but none detecting.


I have a report of a 1733 Pillar Dollar being found on a SW Florida beach.  Pictures and more about that tomorrow.


I'm still looking for any information on Stuart Bottling Works.


The predictions are still for a 3 - 5 foot surf tomorrow and a 5 - 7 foot surf later in the week.

Hurricane season is just about two months away now.

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