Sunday, March 19, 2017

3/19/17 Report - Improvement in Beach Detecting Conditions Likley In the Coming Week. Stuart Bottling Works Bottle Found.

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Source: MagicSeaWeed. com

The big news today is the weather and predictions.  There was a west wind this morning on the Treasure Coast.  It turned north later in the day.

Midweek we're supposed to have something like a three to five foot surf  and later in the week, a five to eight foot surf.  If that actually happens and everything else such as the wind is right, there will be a chance of some finds both midweek and later.

It looks like the wind might be more favorable midweek.


Stuart Bottling Works Bottle Found Couple Days Ago.
Here is a bottle that appeared the other day.  It was partially uncovered by recent movement of sand.

I found two of these before but never have been able to find out anything about Stuart Bottling Works, when they existed or what the bottles were used for.  They are evidently not exactly rare along the Treasure Coast.

Embossing On Same Bottle.
It is embossed as shown above.  Sorry the photo isn't better.  It is embossed simply STUART BOTTLING WORKS.

I'd appreciate any information anyone might be able to give me on Stuart Bottling Works.

I also saw this.

That is what I saw in the water.  I picked it up and saw the following.

Lucky Little Green Ceramic Frog.


Two things I've learned about life dreams.  If you are lucky or unlucky enough to have one, first, they are not to be fulfilled easily.  If everything falls into place without any struggle, something must be wrong.

Secondly, they aren't meant for you alone.  They are just as much, or perhaps more, for others.  If they kill rather than develop over time to be seed or fertilizer for someone else's dream, it is a just a desire - not a real life dream.


Watch or possible beach conditions improvements this week.

Happy hunting,