Friday, March 3, 2017

3/3/17 Report - Some Treasure Coast Beaches Starting To Erode This Morning. Chances Improving For This Weekend.

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Turtle Trail Looking South This Morning. 

The wind was blowing last night and this morning.  I went out out to take a look before the predicted weekend waves get here.

Above you see the Turtle Trail Area looking south.  It was beginning to cut.  There were small cuts of about one foot some places.  You can see one of those above the center of the photo.  It seemed to be just beginning.  No bags were showing.

It looked to me like if we would get some high water and erosion back to the dunes, there would be a lot of finds.  

Below you see a little of the beginning as you look to the north.

Looking North From The Turtle Trail Access This Morning.

Looking North From Seagrape Trail This Morning.

Notice the new sand smoothed out in front of the access.  You can see the tractor marks.

If you look up the beach near the bend, there was a cut over one foot high.  It was cutting as I watched.

Wabasso Beach This Morning.
The beach at Wabasso wasn't doing much.  You an see some cusps.

Rio Mar This Morning.
 Rio Mar was about the same as Wabasso.  Nothing much happening yet.

I remembered that my first Barber Dime came from Rio Mar back years ago.

The Surf This Morning.

I don't remember which beach the above photo shows.

John Brooks Beach This Morning.

The cuts at John Brooks were about a foot higher than the last photo I showed from there.

Frederick Douglass was not as cut as John Brooks.


As you can see, today we are supposed to have a three to four foot surf.  Saturday and Sunday it is supposed to be bigger.

I'm a little early on this one, but I'm going to issue a 2 on my Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Scale.

I should remind you that I changed my rating system a little - especially the "2" rating, which now indicates transitional conditions.

I'm thinking there will be at least a 50% chance of some cobs being found this weekend.  I'm not saying there that 50% of the hunters will find a cob.  That is very different.  I'm saying there is at least a 50% chance that some cobs will be found.  I hope I explained that well enough.  I'm also assuming that we will get a higher surf this weekend.  Angle will be important though.

Happy hunting,