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3/29/17 Report - South Florida Beaches Get Tons of New Sand. Antique Words. Independent Investigator Needed to Explore Russian Involvement With TBR.

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Source: Miami Herald link below.

To widen a 3,000-foot stretch of Miami Beach’s shore that was washing away, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dumped 285,412 tons of sand on Mid-Beach...
The $11.5 million project, funded with a combination of federal, state and county dollars, expanded the shore at 46th and 54th streets by about 230 feet...

The eroded section at 46th Street, which received the majority of the sand, was completed by Nov. 9. The swath at 54th Street was finished in late February. The whole project wrapped Friday.

Next up: Sunny Isles Beach...  Construction will likely begin in September and last four to six months.

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That is an area that I detected a lot back maybe thirty or forty years ago.  Good detecting!

There is an old shipwreck off Sunny Isles, but it isn't easy to get to.


A pile of cannon balls was found during a construction project in Pittsburgh.

Here is that link.


Do you know which country has the most readers of this blog after the United States?   I wouldn't have guessed it, but I looked at the stats just yesterday, and it says it is Russia.

I hope you don't think I'm conspiring with Putin or anything.  This is the internet, which of course is sometimes also know as the world wide web.   And people, even nobodies like me, have international connections.  Heaven forbid!


Language Artifacts.

I like words, but language isn't real easy for me.  I'm more of a visual thinker, so writing is a little more awkward for me than it would otherwise be.

My wife heard me tell my mother to look in the ice box.  My wife said I'm the only person that still uses that word.  We used to use it all the time.   I don't use it all the time anymore, but does come out when I talk to my mother, who actually used an ice box during her youth, and that is what she calls a refrigerator.

Have you ever heard anyone talk about the "cloak room."   Or getting their "wraps."  My elementary school teachers used to tell us to go to the cloak room to get our wraps.  You have to be fairly old to be familiar with that usage of those words.

I'm not really that old, but I grew up in a rural area that was a good part of a century behind the rest of the world.

By the way, "cloak room" was the long closet area on the other side of the wall at the back of the classroom on which George Washington's picture was hung.  And "wraps" didn't have anything to o with music.  Our coats or jackets were our wraps.

I'm talking about language artifacts today.

I was wondering the other day how long people will talk about hanging up the phone.  It doesn't seem like that term describes how people usually end a call these days,  But it is a term that might last for a while.


The Treasure Coast surf will be decreasing a little.  The tides are real good though.  We'll have soe very nice low tides.

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