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5/13/17 Report - Multi-Million Dollar Reward For Detectorist. Viking Hoard. Shipwrecks in the Suwannee River. Auction Results.

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Items Found in Viking Hoard
Source: DailyMail link below.

According to a May 12 article in the DailyMail, the British detectorist who discovered the famous Viking Hoard will be receiving a reward of just under 2 million pounds ( a pound is worth just over 1.25 U. S. dollars).

In Scotland the reward goes to the finder, in the rest of the U. K. the reward is split between the finder and the property owner.

Another Piece of the Viking Hoard
Source: See DailyMail link below.
To read the rest of the article and see more of the finds, here is the link.


Mystery Surrounds Sunken Remains in Florida Spring.  That is the title of a National Geographic article on shipwrecks in the Suwanee River.

...So far state archaeologists have found and are working to identify the remains of at least ten steamboats in the Suwannee River, three of which are accessible to divers.

In addition to the ruins in Troy Springs, divers can visit the David Yulee near the Suwannee's mouth, as well as the well-preserved ruins of the City of Hawkinsville,the last steamboat to operate on the Suwannee...

Here is the link for the rest of that article.


As you know, the most recent Sedwick Coins auction has concluded.  You can view the prices realized by browsing through the catalog or jumping right to a spreadsheet that lists the realized prices for each lot.  Below is the link for the spreadsheet.

While looking through the catalog, I noticed one category that did not sell well despite the overall excellent auction results.  It was the U. S. paper money category.  Many lots in that category did not sell at all, and many others sold for under the auction estimate.  I don't know much about the paper money market, so I can't say why that happened, but I would guess that Sedwick's customers are mostly intersted in coins and shipwreck artifacts.

The two maps that were offered in the auction did not sell either.


Something to think about.

According to many books and publications, "information warfare" is reportedly being conducted by Russia on the U. S. and other countries, but what if an information war is being conducted in the U. S. by U. S. agents on the U. S.   If you accept information warfare as a genuine type of warfare and it is being conducted by dissident parties in the U. S., you could say the U. S. would be in a civil war.  It isn't like THE Civil War - North against South - it is more like the war against terror.  In fact one side might be aligned with terror without the intention or realization.  The result is the same.  While information warfare is often associated with computers, TV is one of the most effective tools (weapons) for the delivery and spread of misinformation.


I didn't detect much last year due to a series of issues, and I haven't detected much yet this year either.  Hopefully that will hange later this year.

Righ now we have a one to two foot surf.  In a few days it will in increase a two to three foot surf.

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