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5/27/17 Report - Research From Laura Strolia On Old Spanish Medallion Find. Beaches Around the Treasure Coast. Bal Harbour.

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I received some great information on Bart's medallion (See pictures posted yesterday.) from Laura Strolia, who has often contributed important research on various 1715 Fleet religious artifacts such as the Pelican of Piety to this blog.  You might also remember her book, The Marigalera of the 1715 Fleet.  Below is what Laura had to say about Bart's medallion find.

One side of the medal represents the Immaculate Conception with the words, “Virgo Sine Peccato Originale Concepta.”  It thus says the “Virgin Mary Conceived Without Original Sin.”
The opposite side shows the Blessed Sacrament or “Santisimo Sacramento.”
The early 17th century began the period to push for the acceptance of the Immaculate Conception as dogma.  In 1621, the Franciscans pledged to teach and spread the mystery. Most of the Spanish missions in Texas were established by the Franciscans beginning in the 17th century.
The Immaculate Conception and Sacred Sacrament were two very popular images seen together in Catholic art.  Along with clergy members, confraternities (religious organizations) greatly promoted what they believed.
The sacred piece discovered in Texas likely dates from the 17th or 18th century.  The chances are equal—it could have belonged to a priest (most likely Franciscan) or a faithful layperson.  For more history on this topic see the post,

2/5/16 Report - Laura Strolia's Historical Research Related To A 17th Century Artifact Found By A Detectorist In North Florida

I said I thought it might be Jesuit.  Forget what I said.  Listen to Laura.

Once again, thanks much Laura!

The weather, although I actually preferred the rainy day we recently had, is nice but getting a little hot for my taste.  Here are a few photos from around the Treasure Coast.

South End of Walton Rocks Beach.
There was a small cut down by the condos.  There were a few fossils in the shells, including one fossil tooth.  There was also a little sea glass.
Directly in Front Of John Brooks Beach

John Brooks Beach Looking North.

The above photos were taken yesterday near low tide.  Up by the bend, the cut was a little more fresh and crisp.

The following photos were take a day earlier.

Treasure Shores Thursday.
Photo by Darrel S.

North of Ambersands Beach.
Photo by Darrel S.
The tide was nice and low recently and rocks were exposed at various beaches along the coast as far south as House of Refuge and Walton Rocks to as far north as the Sebastian area.


Stanley Whitman, the visionary who built an open-air mall on the site of a former German World War II prisoner-of-war camp in Bal Harbour when everyone told him he was crazy, lived to see his grand idea become one of the world’s most successful luxury shopping centers...

Here is a good article on Stanley Whitman.who recently passed at 98.

I used to detect a good bit along the beach across the street from the shops.  It has changed a lot since then, and hundreds of yards of sand was added to the beach not long ago.  The old hotel that was there was replaced by a much larger resort.


No change significant change in beach conditions to report.  Take advantage of the big tides, especially the nice low tides.  Take the sunscreen and water.

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