Friday, May 19, 2017

5/19/17 Report - A Two-Detector Hunt. Beaches Around the Treasure Coast.

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Round Island Park Yesterday
Photo by Darrel S.
Here is Darrel's report from yesterday.

We went to Round Park first. A lot scrap iron. Few coins and jewelry. 8am to 10am.

Pepper Park big disappointment. A lot seaweed and only 2 hits. Both hits were pennies, but older.

Stopped by Turtle Trail. After 12 noon and exhausted. We went home!

Round Island Park Yesterday
Photo by Darrel S.

Turtle Trail Yesterday
Photo by Darrel S.
Turtle Trail North Yesterday
Photo by Darrel S.
Thanks much for the photos and report Darrel.

Those beaches look much like one from South Hutchinson Island that I showed yesterday.


I went out to the beach this morning.  It was a two detector hunt.  By that I mean I used two detectors.

At the ocean beach I used what I call a power detector.  Just a deep-seeking detector - no discrimination or anything.

I found a few coins and some junk jewelry in the wet sand.  There appeared to be nothing in the dry sand.  Very clean.

Then I moved to another location where I wanted to pick through the junk.  I used a Garrett Ace to pick through the junk and get small spaces.  I found one eight inch iron spike and a few smaller connectors.  The larger spike was so deteriorated it was crumbling.  Also, a couple modern coins that were very corroded.  There was clay or mud that was very acidic.

One spot at that locastion was exposed to levels that I had not seen in many years.  Just around the corner the sand was piled at least three feet higher than it was the last time I was there.

I think have a couple photos from that hunt on my phone.

When I moved out of that small eroded area, I switch back to the power detector, but I did better in the junky area with the Ace.  The eroded area was the only area worth detecting at that location.

Sometimes junk will be your best friend.  A lot of people won't work a junky area, and some that do will miss things.

As I've mentioned in the past, I like to select detectors depending upon the location and type of target.  don't however like to leave a detector in the car, so I don't often take a second unless I know that I will want to have two choices with me.  I knew that I would want both today, and one worked best at one location, while the other worked better for me at the other location.


The FBI needs to be investigated.  They seem incapable of detecting and preventing security threats and leaks.


The surf is going to decrease again this weekend.  The tides aren't big either.

Happy hunting