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5/3/17 Report - Treasure From the Sky. Mystery Object Identified. $2.5 Million In Gold Bars Found In Unlikely Place.

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Source: Christies' listing.
See link below.

I mentioned Florida meteorites yesterday.  Here are a couple meteorites that will be up for auction on 5/3 (Wednesday.

These treasures from the sky are part of a Christies' auction.

Source: See Christie's link below.

Christie's is proud to present its third online only auction of important and aesthetic meteorites.
Led by prized examples of naturally sculpted metallic meteorites, the sale features some of the oldest objects in the world - at 4.5 billion years old, they are a third as old as time itself.

This curated selection includes incredibly rare meteorites that originate from the surface of the Moon and the planet Mars, which are offered alongside a series of stunning slices and spheres of the most beautiful meteorites known to man...

Click here to learn more about the auction.


Thanks to my readers, the mystery object I posted yesterday has been identified.

Beloe is a picture that was sent in by Dustin P. and also by Stan.

The item was on sale on eBay for $55.  It is a microscope lens with tube.  The tube looks almost exactly like the one I found.

Here is the eBay description.  This is an VINTAGE microscope objective made by the BAUSCH & LOMB OPTICAL CO. IT IS MARKED 16 mm - 0.25 NA & in its original brass canister.

Thanks guys!

I'm fairly confident that is what my find is.  Now I think I'll try to get it open without hurting the canister to see if the lens is still inside.


An old Iraqi tank was purchased on eBay for $40,000.  When the tank arrived, $2.5 million worth of gold bars were found inside.

Here is how the article begins.

When Nick Mead purchased an old Iraqi tank on an auction on eBay, he was excited for the piece of military history to arrive at his home. But when Mead and mechanic Todd Chamberlain took a closer look at the large machine of war once it arrived, they were in for the shock of their life.

Not only were Mead and Chamberlain stunned at what they found, military buffs around the globe are equally shocked. As you’ll see in the video reveal below, as the duo searched the broken down tank, they expected to find rusty guns or other war-time items..

Click here to read more about that.

Thanks much to Linda C. who sent me that link.


No significant change in beach conditions to report.

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