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5/8/17 Report - Deep Water Galleon Salvage in 1950. Personal Flying Machine.

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Diver Using Metal Detector
Source: Oct. 1950 Popular Mechanics
See link below.
I ran across this neat article in an old issue of Popular mechanics. The title of the article is Quest for a Galleon's Gold.

The article is about the salvage of a Ship of the Spanish Armada, which was sunk in 1588.   The salvage rights were granted by Charles II to local Dukes.  There is a report on a salvage effort conducted as early as 1683,  Salvage continued from time to time over the centuries.

Besides the metal detector and airlift, they probed with an air-supplied nozzle to find the buried ship.

The ship is believed to be either the San Juan or Florencia and could have contained pay for the entire Spanish Armada and a king's crown.

I don't doubt that this wreck has been explored in more modern times, but I found the 1950 article very interesting, especially some of the illustrations, a couple of which I posted here.

Source: Oct. 1950 Popular Mechanics.
Link below.


Flying Machine.
Sunday I saw a couple of guys at the beach with these motorized propellers that they wear while strapped to a parasail or whatever you call it and go flying.

I've seen people use these on the beach before.  It could be quite handy for checking out the beaches, but I don't think I'll try it.  

If I did ever try it, I'd probably be flying about ten feet off the ground.  


Crumpled Copper Find.
I don't know what this went on or what it was for.  It obviously was attached to a surface (has a hole at both ends for a screw) and the round hole in the middle.


There is not much time left to respond to the blog poll.  Thanks to all those that responded.

Yesterday there were a lot of boaters and beach-goers, as well as the men with their flying machines.

We still have a couple of days of one foot surf.

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