Thursday, May 4, 2017

5/4/17 Report - Cut Beach. Another Mystery Find. Columbus' Anchor? T.H. Puzzle.

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Sweet Three Foot Plus Cut.
Photo by Dustin P.
That is one nice looking cut.  Notice the dense line of shells.  The bigger shells are higher up and then small pieces below.  That is definitely something that should be checked out.  The slope below the shells is interesting too.

It is north of the Treasure Coast.

Here is what Dustin said about the cut.  I took a walk on the beach over my lunch break today and was pleasantly surprised by how deep the cuts were. They are about 3 1/2 feet at the tallest and you can really see how much sand has been moved. There is hard packed sand the whole rest of the way down to the water line... This is actually deeper than the cuts that were made by the hurricane last Nov. For whatever reason I guess since its right on the point of the Canaveral beach furthest east the beach will cut every time the wind shifts. Usually not this much though...

Thanks Dustin!


Here is another mystery find.  It is one of a few items found by Julie B. in the Vero area recently
Let me know what you think it might be.

Corroded Iron Mystery Object.
Photo by Julie B.

Another View of the Same Object.

Another View. Of Julie's Object.
Let me know what you think.


Darrell Miklos of the Cooper's Treasure TV show claims to have found the anchor of Christopher Columbus.  

...Analysis of the anchor, which was found off the Turks and Caicos islands, reveals that it dates to between 1492 and 1550. The overall size of the anchor and its estimated weight of between 1,200 and 1,500 pounds indicates that it was a “bower” anchor from a 300-ton vessel, the typical size of a Columbus-era ship.  (Now that is a more reasonable statement. TG)

The discovery will be revealed in the next episode of the Discovery Channel docuseries "Cooper's Treasure," which airs at 10 p.m. ET Tuesday. “That anchor is from Christopher Columbus,” says historical shipwreck discovery specialist Darrell Miklos, who led the Caribbean expedition, in a clip from Tuesday’s show. “I am telling you, stick around, this is just the beginning of an amazing story.”

Here is the link.


Here is a little puzzle.  There is no right answer - at least not one that I know is right for sure without testing it out.

Lets say you found an old house on blocks.  It is up off the ground by just enough for you to craw under without getting stuck, but maybe you can't get to all of the area because some places are too tight to get into.  You don't know what type of treasure might be under the house.  What type of equipment would you want to use and what tips would you give for how to conduct the search.

Send me your answers.  I'll assemble, summarize and discuss the ideas that I get on this.


I'm working on loosening up the Bausch and Lomb canister that I found, hoping to open it up without damaging it.  That is for me an unusual find.  I am wondering what the story is.  Who in the area had an old brass microscope, and how did it end up where it was found?

Objects have stories.  Sometimes the story remains lost and sometimes it is discovered.  I've said this before, but for me, much of the value is the story.


I hope you'll help with the identity of the mystery item and the search puzzle.  Also I posted a new poll.  I hope you'll respond to the poll.  I'll have a follow-up to that one when it is done.  We'll see how trustworthiness relates to enjoyment.

Happy hunting,