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8/4/17 Report - Amateur Detectorist Makes Amazing Find. Mackinac Archaeological Discovery. Washington DC History and Metaphor.

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Amazing Metal Detector Find.
Source: See TheSun link below.

The 34-year-old, who had only taken up the hobby 18 months ago, was expecting to find something innocuous.
But as he shovelled the dirt, a glint of gold emerged on ornate piece of jewellery with a precious sapphire...

The amateur treasure hunter found what is thought to be a 14the century ring in Robin Hood's Sherwood Forest.  The ring is might be valued for as $90000 US.

Here is the link for the rest of the story.

The fellow had been detecting for less than two years.  Amazing find!

There is always that chance if you are out there working at it.    The next big find might come when you least expect it.   You might be discouraged and ready to give up, then you get the surprise of your life.

Here is another view of the ring.

Same Ring.
Same source.
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Mackinac State Historic Park archaeologists have discovered two pieces of silver and a brass crucifix all within one week...

“Last week we found two pieces of trade silver and that's really unusual for Michilimackinac. Trade silver is an excellent marker for the British time period in the Great Lakes fur trade but we've never found a whole lot of here at the site here in general,” said Evans...

That doesn't read quite right.  I'm not the only one that makes mistakes. :)

Source: See NewYorker link below.

Progress came slowly, as the land in question refused to coƶperate. Pierre Charles L’Enfant, the brilliant French draftsman hired to work out the details, complained that the land was “swampy.” In Jefferson’s sketch, there are signs of the trouble to come: low soundings for the shallow Potomac and a “Mud Bank” not far away from the federal city. The water was often brackish; a few years earlier, in 1785, George Washington had written a letter praising the Potomac for precisely this reason (“the bed of the Potomac before my door, contains an inexhaustable fund of manure”). That was helpful to farmers, but less so to government employees...

Here is the link for more of that article.

Every shadowy creature in the swamp has been awakened by the threat of an intruder.


There are now two disturbances, as you can see from the map.

The one by South America has a ten percent chance of becoming a cyclone in the next 48 hours, while the one over by Africa has a forty percent chance.

There are no significant changes to beach conditions to report yet.

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