Wednesday, August 9, 2017

8/9/17 Report - Hurricane and Storm Threat. Amazing Lightning Video. Detecting Watches and Surprising Metal Detector Responses.

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It looks like Franklin is going to hit Mexico as a hurricane.

The weather way out to the east of the West Indies on the map is the one that the local weather channels have been talking about in relation to Florida.  It isn't expected to develop until this weekend.  It is supposed to stay out by the Bahamas and maybe be more of a threat to the Carolinas. It seems to be heading more to the north now.

We have some new weather shown on the nhc map now.  It is already over the Bahamas but is disorganized and probably won't do much more for us than bring some rain.  It doesn't look like it will increase our surf.

I'm not expecting any significant change in beach detecting conditions any time soon.


What Happens When Lightning Hits a River
Source: See clip below.

You have to see this.  This is an amazing video.

It appeared to me like the lightning following a small stream or runoff down over the bank and into the river.

Anyhow, really cool video.

Be careful when there might be lightning around.


Some of my most valuable finds are watches. They are very common finds for me, even when I hunt heavily hunted areas.

You can't depend upon a detector to tell you that you are over a watch - at least not any detectors that I'm aware of.

Watches differ in size, shape and composition.  If the watch is laying with the face flat against the ground or looking up as shown as position B below, you'll generally get a pretty good signal.

If, however, as is often the case, the watch is positioned with the face perpendicular to the ground ( position A in the illustration below), the signal you get will vary a LOT depending upon a lot of variables including which direction you swing the coil.  I made a video that illustrates very clearly that you can get little or no signal when you swing your coil in the N/S direction over a watch that is laying on the ground like the one shown as position A.  It is really striking, and to me, the extent of the effect was surprising.  If I get my video uploaded you'll see it very clearly.

Swinging in the W/E direction and perpendicular to the face of the watch will result in a much better signal.  You might get a double signal as you cross over the watch and band, depending upon a lot of different things, but you'll certainly get a much better signal than when you move your coil in the N/S direction.

As I said, there are a number of variables.  The band can be in a variety of positions. The detector and mode will also affect the results.  I hope I get my video loaded soon.  I think you'll be amazed by what it shows.  I'll quit trying to describe what my video will show.

In the experiment reported above, I used "coin mode" on the Garrett Ace 150.  That might be the reason for the results. I'll do the same test using other modes to see how they differ.  I usually use all metals mode.  That might make all the difference in the world.  I'll see.


Some people think there is a coup underway in the U. S.


That is all for now.  I'll try to get my video uploads worked out soon.

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