Sunday, August 6, 2017

8/6/17 Report - Potential Tropical Cyclone Seven Getting Organized. Mauron Watch. Gold--Filled Jewelry.

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The system down by Central America (red X) is being referred to as Potential Tropical Cyclone Seven and is moving very slowly west/northwest.  It looks like it will head towards Yucatan and into the Gulf, as shown below.  That is one to watch.  It has a 90% chance of becoming a cyclone in the next 48 hours.

Predicted Path of Tropical Storm Seven.

The other system is still out in the middle Atlantic and has only a 20 percent chance of becoming a cyclone in the next 48 hours.  Some models predict that it will go north of us, and some south of us, and one has it targeting us.  That is a few days away in any case.  It might fall apart.

The surf on the Treasure Coast will increase a little tomorrow, but just up to 2 - 3 feet.


I did a little research on the watch I showed yesterday.  Among the watches by Mauron are ladies brooch and lapel watches.  I think it is probably a lapel watch.  I found many examples of those that were gold filled.  The one I showed yesterday looks like it could very well be gold filled.

I haven't talked much about gold jewelry lately.  Gold plated is when an item, often copper, is covered with a very thin, almost microscopic, film of pure gold electroplating. Some businesses refer to gold-plated jewelry as gold-overlay; however, those are essentially the same things.

Gold filled jewelry is much more valuable than gold-plated. In fact, there is almost 100 percent more gold in gold-filled items than gold-plated items.

It seems gold filled items are marked in various ways, but when an item is marked with the fraction 14/20, it means that the item contains 1/20 of 14 karat gold with relation to the brass fill/core (5%). If the product is stamped 12/20, it is made of 1/20 of 12 karat gold.

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