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1/6/19 Report - Battle Worn D-Day Flag Saved. Florida and France to Display La Trinite Artifacts. Cargo on Beaches.

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This flag from D-Day is an item in a current Sotheby's auction.  The lot descriptions says, "RESCUED BY BRONZE-STAR RECIPIENT LT. PAUL GARAY AS SHE WAS SINKING, 6 JUNE 1944


I can't think of a more moving piece of modern history.

The auction also includes a lot of other interesting and important items, including letters from David Crockett and Abraham Lincoln, old maps and atlases, etc.

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France and Florida have agreed to work together to preserve and exhibit artifacts from the recently discovered wreck off Cape Canaveral of the La Trinité, the 16th-century French flagship that tried to protect the ill-fated colony of Fort Caroline.
The agreement emphasizes that one of its goals is to give the public a chance to eventually see some of the ship’s ancient cargo, which has been buried in the Atlantic Ocean since a history-altering hurricane more than 450 years ago.
That cargo includes at least one granite monument bearing the symbol of France’s coat of arms, the fleur-de-lis. It’s a remarkable find that appears similar to the monument, never discovered, that French captain Jean Ribault left at the mouth of the St. Johns River in 1562 to stake a claim to New France, a vast area of the Southeast coast...
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La Trinite was discovered by Global Marine Exploration in the shallow water off Cape Canaveral in 2016.


The cargo ship MSC Zoe lost scores of shipping containers this week in the Wadden Sea off northern Europe during Storm Zeetje, which packed heavy winds and waves cresting over 30 feet high.

Photos from today (Jan. 3) and yesterday show containers from the Panamanian-registered ship floating at sea, while many others washed up on the shores of German and Dutch islands. Residents were spotted cleaning up debris including TV sets, furniture and clothing despite warnings that several missing containers were carrying powdered peroxide, which is flammable and can cause chemical burns...

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There is a section where you can find academic studies on the 18th Century Material Resource Center web site.  I just found a picture of an item that may be something I have been trying to identify for a couple of years in one of the research papers.  You might want to really look around to see what you can find on that web site.  There is really a lot of good information there.

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It looks like the Treasure Coast will get a couple more days of very calm surf.  Take advantage.

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