Monday, January 7, 2019

1/7/19 Report - Bent Coin Mystery. Christmas Season, Epiphany and New Year Resolutions. Fossil Teeth From Treasure Coast. Sailor's Hornpipe Tune.

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Bent Coins.
I've found a lot of bent coins over the years like the ones shown above.  I never figured out how that happened.  There do not appear to be any obvious marks of tools or anything on them.  One possibility that occurred to me is that they get caught in the rocks in the surf.  A lot of the bent coins like this that I've found were in areas where there were a lot of coral rocks at the waters edge.  I really don't know how this happens.  It obviously takes a good bit of force.

What do you think?  How do these coins get bent?   I'd like to hear what you think.

Here is another picture of the same coins.

Same Coins From Another Angle.


I've been involved with a lot of holiday activities lately.  About the only thing I don't like about Christmas is it coming to an end.  For some people it ends on Dec. 26.  For others it ends at New Year.  And for others it ends with Epiphany, which is the 12th day of Christmas, which was yesterday (Jan. 6).  I choose Epiphany.

Epiphany celebrates the arrival of the Wise Men.  Being the latest of the three endings that I mentioned, I'll take that as my ending.  The star having done its job of guiding the wise men, it also seems like a good time to take down the Christmas lights.


One thing some people do for the new year is make resolutions.  I'm a little late on this one.  I heard somewhere that studies show that if you keep a New Years resolution for a couple of weeks, it has a good chance of taking hold.  It would seem that most fail before then.  

A resolution isn't a wish or a dream.  You can wish to find a million dollars, but that doesn't make it any more likely.

Resolutions can be good.  If you let Christmas overshadow New Years, like I did, and skipped making any resolutions, it still isn't too late.

Think about what you want to accomplish in 2019.  Set reasonable goals.  That doesn't mean they have to be easy.  Then think about what you would have to do to accomplish those goals.  Be detailed here.  Make a plan that you can start to implement.  And make a schedule and keep track of progress.

Montioring progress is very helpful.  That will give you feedback and adjust plans accordingly.

Those are my suggestions.  Vague hopes or dreamy wishes seldom get turned into action.


Speaking of the passing of the years, here are a few old finds.  They're old in more ways than one.

Fossil Teeth From Treasure Coast Beaches.
Shown are sloth teeth, a dire wolf tooth, and a horse tooth.  The horse teeth seem to be very common on the Treasure Coast beaches.

I haven't seen many fossils on the beach for a few years now.


The Sailor's Hornpipe is probably the most recognized maritime tune of all.  You'll hear it at the beginning of Popeye cartoons.  The original tune can be found in a 1770s song book.


The surf will be increasingly only very slightly this week.

Happy hunting,