Thursday, August 18, 2011

8/18/11 Report - 1500s Gold Bar, Bronze Coin Finds, and $5 Indian

Gold Bar for Sale on EBay.

This 14.74 troy ounce lower kt. gold bar is for sale on eBay for just under $20,000. Interesting! To me it seems unusual in a variety of ways. It is listed as being from a shipwreck, but the age and ship is unknown. It is speculated to be from the 1500s. That would be a relatively rare date for a North American shipwreck, although there are some.

There is no COA included.

I'd like to hear from others that may have some thoughts on this bar.

3,422 ancient bronze coins dated to between 264 to 241 BC were accidentally found in 68 feet of water off the island of Pantelleria.

Here is the link to more of that story.

Gold hit $1825 today as India and China keep buying.

One gold coin that I really like the look of is the Indian Five Dollar gold coin, which is close to a quarter of an ounce. Of course the value of these coins varies depending upon year, mint and condition.

The New Orleans mint, for example, produced just over 34,000 coins in 1909 and since not many survived you might get over $1800 for a coin like that.

The following link is to a nice article that shows what dealers would pay for an Indian five dollar gold coin of various dates, mints and conditions.

There is a new survey on the main page that has already started.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

The tropical disturbance down below Cuba is developing and has an 80% chance of becoming a cyclone. It will probably not affect us on the Treasure Coast.

There is another tropical wave over by Africa that is developing but it is too early to guess what it might do.

The wind is from the south and the swell from the east. The sea is calm, although a touch rougher than last week. That will continue for a few days and then next week it will get just a little rougher again, if the predictions are correct. It will still be less than three feet, again, if the predictions are correct.

That means no change in conditions again.

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