Saturday, August 27, 2011

8/27/11 Report - After Irene & Intro to Spanish Treasure Coins

Beach By Sebastian Yesterday.

The beach didn't look very good there as you can see.

I ran into a fellow that told me that I was too far north (we were between McClarty and the Sebastian inlet) and that the salvage camp and "the" wreck was further south. He didn't seem to believe what I was saying about multiple wrecks and coins being found north of where we were.

I enjoyed seeing all the people out on Friday. It was a different crowd than what I usually see. Seemed that more of the casual detectorists were out. Some from other parts of the state too.

I don't doubt but what a few treasure coins were found. And I do mean a few - very few. Yet if you have that many people covering that much ground, there is always the possibility that something might pop up.

There were a couple of guys detecting down closer to the McClarty Museum and one guy down by Amber Sands when I went by. Unlike most people that I see there at Amber Sands, he was headed south towards the big curve. I thought it looked a little better towards the curve there too.

Beach at Amber Sands Yesterday Looking North.

I noticed that there were a lot of turtle eggs exposed to the damaging salt water the last couple of days. The turtles made their nests in beach renourishment sand. They had no choice. And then the waves came and washed that renourishment sand and the eggs away.

I mentioned yesterday how beach renourishment sand won't stay put. It can't. And that means that the turtle nests will be washed away.

They had to finish the renourishment projects before the nesting season began, but that turned out to be a fatal trap for the turtles.

Bernie Caffaro, who is starting the St Lucie County detector club, started on South Hutchinson Island this morning down by Sailfish Point and traveling up to north of Pepper Park, said the best two beaches in that stretch seemd to be Sailfish Point, which had an 8 foot cut, and Walton Rocks that had a two to four foot cut. Sailfish Point is south of Bathtub Beach.

Contact Bernie if you want to join the club. I've post his contact information in the past. Use the search box at the top of the blog.

Some of the cut that were out there Thursday disappeared by Friday and some increased in size by Friday. Beaches can change quickly.

I saw one four foot cut Thursday that was completely gone on Firday. And I saw one six inch cut on Thursday night that turned into a two foot cut by Friday. It works both ways. They come and go.

Thursday Green Turtle Beach was cut over four feet towards the north end. One many reported watching the cut disappear before his eyes. The surf simply came up over top, flattening it out.

This video shows where there was a cut just minutes earlier.

You have to remember that beaches are dynamic. They constantly change. Quicker than you might expect.

When you find a productive spot work it until it closes up. Sometimes it will stay open for hours, days, or even weeks, before getting buried.

On rare occasions you can get a beach that produces new finds constantly for weeks on end before going bad.

All of that beach renourishment sand was a problem, but in my opinion the bigger problem was the direction of the waves. The waves were hitting most beaches directly from the east instead of from the northeast.

I got word that some cobs were found on St. Augustine beach. Photos may be coming.

I'll bet some will be found on the North Banks.

Here is a nice introduction to Spanish treasure coins written by Augie Garcia of Sedwick Coins. You might find it helpful.

I'll stick with my "2" Treasure Coast beach conditions rating for another day or so. Things are great but there still might be a few worthwhile spots out there to be found if you are willing to walk a distance or hunt some of the less frequently hunted areas.

I received an email from one person that was in a photo that I posed yesterday - Pete V.

Give me a shout if you appear in one of my photos.

Happy hunting,