Friday, August 5, 2011

9/5/11 Report - Emily, Henry Morgan, and Blackbeard

Latest Press Release from Sedwick Coins.

You can still consign items to the upcoming auction but not for long. See the press release at the right or the Sedwick Coins web site for more details.

Five of Henry Morgan's ships have been located near the mouth of the Chagres River near the coast of Panama where they were lost in 1671. One clue is the six iron cannons that appear to be 17th Century.

The ships were lost when Morgan attacked Panama city and attempted to capture Castillo de San Lorenzo.

Here is the link to the article that includes a video and some nice photos.

Thanks to Morgan's Rum and all of their happy rum drinking customers for financing the project.

I wonder where government would get money to spend if there were no evil capitalists?

And here is an article about a another legendary figure from the past - Blackbeard. This article is about some of his weapons.

I received an email from someone asking about coil sizes. As I always recommend decisions are best made from experimentation. Use your detector and test targets to see what works best.

Of course you can't always do that. Sometimes you want to know about a detector or piece of equipment that you don't have access to and sometimes you won't have a test target that is just like what you want to find. As I've suggested in the past, you can manufacture test targets to be very similar to the real thing when you can't get the real thing. When doing that try to use the same type of metal, or as close as you can get, and form it into the same size and shape, as close as you can.

But about coil sizes - generally speaking I've had the best results with coils around the ten inch size. I might tend a touch smaller if the object is a less conductive metal such as platinum or if the the size of the object is small, such as a quarter reale. Going smaller though, might not be necessary, depending upon the sensitivity of your particular detector to the targeted metal.

Of course there are advantages to larger coils, such as simply providing coverage of more area, however in many cases, the signal becomes a bit less defined on certain types of targets.

Generally speaking, I prefer detectors that are especially sensitive to small pieces of precious metals. As I've said many times, most cobs found on the beach are not deeply buried. They are more likely to be found within a few inches of the surface.

I've done way better with smaller coils, down to around seven inches, than with large coils.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

I didn't show the track of Emily today. It seems she fell apart after passing over Hipaniola. They say she could develop again, but at this point it looks like all we'll get from her is a little rain and perhaps some waves.

The wind is out of the south/southwest right now and the seas are calm. If the surf web sites are correct, don't expect anything more than 2.5 foot seas this weekend. So it looks like more of the same again. Poor conditions for the next several days.

Happy hunting,