Sunday, August 21, 2011

8/22/11 - Hurricane Irene & More

Shipwreck Wood.

Here is a piece of wood from a shipwreck that is for sale on eBay. You can make nice display pieces out of miscellaneous finds like this. Preserve wood, pottery, or whatever, make a nice label and you have a display that will look nice in the right room and be a nice conversation piece.

Create nice displays out of miscellaneous finds like this and you will enjoy finding things besides silver and gold. Don't forget to write down where it was found and when and keep all of the relevant details. That will enhance the value of your display.

Here is a nice article showing some photos of Civil War artifacts found at a prison camp near Millen Georgia.

Treasure Coast Forecast and Conditions

And now getting right to the big news, Irene is now a hurricane and has passed over Puerto Rico. The projections now have it as a level two hurricane as it passes by West Palm in the early AM hours of Thursday.

The predicted track now has it a little to the east of us, but of course that could change. I'm hoping Puerto Rico threw it off track, and it stay farther out to sea.

Here is the predicted track as shown on this morning.

Of course I'll be keeping an eye on this and reporting daily changes.

I'd really rather not have a hurricane. Too much damage and trouble for too many people. And as I often remind, high seas and waves do not guarantee erosion. The waves can wash up onto the beach and straight back down, as happened along most of South Florida during hurricane Andrew, not causing much erosion. Smaller waves at the right angle (from the north/northeast) are more likely to slice the sand away and produce more treasure coins.

It also looks to me like this storm will pass by rather quickly. The surf web sites are now predicting 12.5 foot seas on Thursday and 15 foot seas on Friday, subsiding quickly.

Now it is a watch and wait game.

Happy hunting,