Thursday, August 4, 2011

8/4/11 Report - More on Emily & Gold & Coins & Detector Repairs

Emily's Projected Path This Morning.

Not much change here. It still looks like Emily will pass through the Bahamas. We'll probably get some wind and waves, but from the surf web sites it doesn't look like we'll get very much in the way of waves. I have to believe we'll get some benefit from this storm, if only for a short duration.

It looks like when Emily passes North Carolina, she'll be a hurricane. I thought for a while that the Outer Banks might be the place to be when Emily passes there, but the surf web sites aren't predicting very high seas there either.

This is a slow moving storm, and there is still a lot of room for uncertainty.

I'll keep watching and get out to see what is really going on for myself.

Want to find emeralds on the site of the Atocha? You can, and it might be easier than you think! Investors in Mel Fisher Expeditions now have the chance to either dive or sift through air-lifted sands for nice green emeralds. That is one of the fun things about being an investor. Investors have to reserve their spot now to join the hunt September 12-18, 2011.

Talking about investing in a treasure hunting companies - the share price of Odyssey Marine common stock (OMEX), which is publicly traded, has fallen to around $2.70 per share from over $4.00 a share where it was back in early July. It has been very volatile. You might be able to do well if you can pick the bottom.

With the dramatic and continuing increase in the price of gold along with the decreasing price of home values, the average US home is now priced at 103 ounces of gold, or one gold bar.

Gold and silver just keep flying. While I once found it hard to believe, I now think gold will hit $1700 before long.

Most of the world is now devaluing its currencies and accumulating gold. I heard Thailand added a number of tonnes to its reserves. Everybody is trying to make their dollar cheap so other countries will buy their products. This can't go on forever, although I don't see any change coming soon.

Here is a link to a great US coin value guide.

I received an email from someone asking if there are any local metal detector repair people in the Treasure Coast area. I don't know of any these days, but would like to create a list if there are any that you could recommend. Send me an email if you know of anyone that repairs metal detectors in Florida or on the Treasure Coast. Include contact information if you can. Thanks.

I believe there are probably some electronics technicians that could do the job. I used to know a man that restored old radios that was good at fixing metal detectors.

I posted a new poll on this blog. Make your voice heard.

I'll be watching to see what if anything Emily is going to do.

Happy hunting,