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5/11/13 Report - Metal Detecting Records & 10 Gold Finds in 1 Day

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Old Metal Detecting Records.
Last night I had a pleasant surprise.  I found some of my old metal detecting records - ten pages.   These records weren't quite as old as the ones I showed in this blog a long time ago from when I started detecting but they are still pretty old.   I didn't know I had more records around.

In my early records I was keeping track of coin finds and jewelry finds.  I kept track of all the coins by denomination etc.

The newer records that I just found only recorded jewelry finds and perhaps a few other notable finds.  I wasn't as concerned with finding coins as jewelry by then, and I quit keeping track of regular coins.   Also included in these records was the date (very regrettably without the year) of the jewelry find, the place, and details on the find and the area where it was found, including dips, rocks, type of sand, landmarks etc. 

By using these records I could see what areas were producing good finds, and I could relocate exact spots if I wanted to return.

It looks like I was hitting it hot and heavy and the finds show that.  I do remember putting in some long hours.

The old records were written when I was primarily using a Fisher Aquanaut 1280.  The newer records show that then I was using a modified underwater Nautilus (most of the time), which was modified by Steve Noga, who was in Maryland at the time.  I remember that after using that detector for a few days, I called Steve and bought a second to use as a back up.  I liked it that much.  I would say that it was my favorite detector of all time, and that was probably over twenty years ago.  It had one hot coil.  I would like to have those detectors in working order today.

I'll use the opportunity to remind you to keep good detailed records.  Keep track of where and under what conditions you are making your finds, and any other relevant details.  Not only is it informative, but it can be fun to go through in future years.   I remember some finds very clearly even after many years, but I see from the records how many I have forgotten - really a lot.

Include the year along with the date even though it might be hard to imagine that that will be of any use.

The first couple of days on my new found records were 2/4 and 2/5, which you can see below were unusually productive.  There was a big wash out and really good hunting in the shallow water.   I remember it well, though not the particular finds.  The records for both 2/4 and 2/5 were for about four hours of hunting each.  On 2/5 it was turning dark as some dark storm clouds came through.

Some location information in my records was abbreviated or coded.  Below I just used an "x" instead of giving either the code as written or the specific names.  I tried to make it a little clearer without changing much of anything since the original records were a little hard to decipher - probably intentionally.

2/4 -  at North x picnic area below new play equipment - blue star sapphire ring, 2 gold ear rings,"SC" signet ring, and 10k band in water  Also silver double heart ring.

2/4 - middle picnic area just south of walkover to x -  14 k black pearl and diamond ring, also silver and turquoise ring.  In water.

2/4 - south picnic area by life guard station by turtle cage in water - silver love knot ring, silver and turquoise ring, gold religious charm, 2 class rings, 1 14k band.

2/5 - at middle picnic area at x - 18k charm, crucifix on chain, 10K class ring, 10k plated band, Jesus and Mary medallion,

2/5 - at north picnic area - steel or silver band, 14k nugget band.

Those were a couple of unusually productive days.  That is why I remember them so well.

Some of the finds were not correctly identified.  I was not very good at identifying metals in those days.  For example, I thought a ring marked 14KP meant 14K plated instead of 14K plumb.

Those were not typical hunts, of course, but they are the first entries in my newly found records.


A town emerged after being under water for 25 years.


Someone sent an email saying that my low tide predictions were off.  I checked into that and found that the surfing web sites that I have linked on my blog and some fishing web sites are predicting times for the low tides that are very different.  I'll have to look into that and see what sites do a good job of predicting the low tide.  As you probably know, the low tide will be at slightly different times at different parts of the Treasure Coast.  I can't explain the large differences between the times given by some of these different web sites though.  I'll have to look into that and get it straightened out.   One of the good things about doing this blog is that when I mess up someone will notice and then I'll have to look into it and improve.  This is one such case.

You should also know that the low tide in the river will not be the same as at the beach.  On the river, the farther you are away from an inlet the later the low tide will be.  That can be hours different, depending up how far you are from an inlet.


The surfing web sites are saying that on the Treasure Coast we'll have only a 1 - 2 foot surf today.  That will make it easy to work the low tide zone today.

The wind seems to be out of the south/southwest.

Happy hunting,