Saturday, May 4, 2013

5/4/13 Report - Finds: Shipwreck Spike, Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, WWII Shell Casing

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Copper or Bronze Spike and Gold Ring Finds.
Find and photo by Ken D. 

Here are some nice finds made by Ken D.
They were found underwater.

That is one nice spike in good shape.

Thanks for sharing Ken.

And below are some finds made by Frank M. 

First a platinum and diamond ear ring.

And also a WW II 50 caliber shell.  It is marked with an "L" for the manufacturer and "43" for the year of manufacturer.

Frank was detecting on the West Coast of Florida.

Thanks for sharing Frank!

In the past I've posted information on how to find the manufacturer and date of manufacture of these types of shells. 

Use the search box on the main blog page to search the blog.

Franks was found on the West Coast, but they are also found on the East Coast of Florida.   There were a lot of them found at Dania Beach and a good number on the Fort Pierce and St. Lucie area beaches.

Platinum and Diamond Ear Ring Find.
Find and photo by Frank M.

A dam and sluice gate from the early 1700s and possibly associated with an old Spanish mission was excavated.

Here is the link for that story.

WWII Shell Casing Find.
Submitted by Frank M.

Archaeologists are checking artifacts dug up by moles.  Yes, those little digging animals.  Moles dig where people aren't allowed to.  

You'd think they'd receive a stiff jail sentence or possibly a death sentence.

After seeing this I was reminded that I once was going to mention checking holes dug by Treasure Coast animals such as the protected gopher turtles.  I have some on my property and do take a look at the dirt they remove and run a coil over it.

Anytime dirt or sand is moved, it could be worth checking 

You might have seen a TV program called If Walls Could Talk.

Here is one program in which 4 sets of $5000 silver door knobs were found in one house along with other items.  You might enjoy watching this program.  I did.

On the Treasure Coast today it is still rainy.   The surf is still running  4 - 6 feet.  That will be decreasing daily for a while.

The low tides aren't getting very low.  Today low tide will be just around 10:30 AM.

The wind is mostly east/northeast.

Happy hunting,