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5/30/13 Report - Diamond Rings Found and Returned, Blue Pig, Flying Chicken Man and 2008 INA Annual

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Found by Dan B.
Photo submitted by Dan B.

I'm glad to be able to post this story.  The jewelry you see in the photo was recovered by Dan B.

Here is what Dan said.  I recently had a couple ask me at work to help them find a lost ring set. One of my best experiences detecting yet. They met me at the beach near midnight, and i was able to find the rings in less than a minute. So fun, and personally rewarding. They also gave me $250. So fun.

Congratulations Dan!  It is always fun to find something for someone.   And that was an unusually nice reward.  I've told how it is more typical to get nothing more than a thank you, and many times not even that.  I really don't understand people being so ungrateful, but that is what I've often seen.  I'm glad these folks showed their appreciation.  It isn't so much the money as the show of appreciation.

I've also presented in a lot of detail the things you need to do when looking for an object for someone.

The first important rule is to get a good detailed description that will positively identify the sought piece.  You might find something other than the piece you were looking for and I've known people to try to claim items other than what they lost.

Another tip is to make sure you have room to work.   Mark out the search area and make everybody stay outside the area so you can search it properly and without interruption or distraction.  Also that gives you a chance to inspect the item to identify it before anyone else gets a look at it.

It is hard to run a grid with a bunch of kids or adults in the way.

It is also unusual for people to know exactly where they lost an item and then be able to pin point the areas accurately after having left the site.  That makes things so much easier.  It can be really frustrating when someone thinks they know where they lost the item, but they are wrong.

Anyhow Dan had a great experience, and it worked out where for everybody.

I've found some engagement and wedding ring sets before.  I never found out who they belonged to though.

I wondered if they were lost.  Someone said they might have thrown them away in a fit.  They were close together, but who knows?

And if you need some help in locating an item let me know and I'll probably be able to help you get someone to help you find it.

You might be interested in browsing the 2008 Annual of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology.   A lot of good browsing.  Many wrecks and artifacts at diverse locations.

An amusing side note: My wife and I sat next to Jeremiah from the Breaking Amish TV reality show on a plane recently.  It is funny how you can know so much about somebody who knows absolutely nothing about you. 

That reminds me of the time I was seated on a plane not too far from Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken, white suit and all.

Bottle Worth $100,000?

Did you know that an old bottle could be worth more than a gold coin?  Or a gold bar!

It is possible.

Here is an item from Kovels Komments:  An eBay seller realized that her cobalt blue pig-shaped whiskey bottle was rare, so she put it up for sale earlier this month (May 2013) for $1,200, a little lower than the price paid for a similar amber bottle a few years ago. The cobalt blue bottle sold quickly at her "Buy It Now" price. It's embossed with a crescent moon and the words "Duffy Crescent Saloon, 204 Jefferson Street, Louisville, Ky." An aqua version, one of two known, has sold for $2,800. No other cobalt blue bottle is known--but other rare blue bottles are very expensive. Some say the cobalt blue pig bottle could be worth $100,000. So somebody out there found a great eBay bargain. (American Bottle Auctions, Jeff Wichmann

Janine M. submitted this item from the following link.  Thanks Janine.

I've talked about bottles quite a bit in the past and mentioned that I started picking up old bottles right after Hurricane Andrew when I found some old examples floating in the surf down near Key Biscayne.  I was detecting for coins and found some but when I noticed the old bottles I looked around for some old plastic bags, which littered the area after the storm and collected some of the bottles.  Most were worth more than than most of the coins I found that day.

That is one more example of why it is good to be aware of a variety of types of treasures.  Its also good to know something about values.  You can't know everything about values, that usually takes and expert or some serious research, but know enough to realize what you should keep, and what you should check out.

Low tide today will be just after 7 AM and 7:30 PM.   High tide will be around 3 feet, and the lows will be 0, so don't expect much of a low tide.

The surf today will be 3 - 5 feet, and about the same for the next couple of days.

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