Tuesday, May 28, 2013

5/28/13 Report - Using the Tide Charts, Found Objects & Robots Replacing Dolphins

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You can use the tide chart web site that I gave you yesterday to compare the high and low tides for a given day with the record maximum high and low tides.  That can be very useful.

For example, if you go to that web site and select the Fort Pierce Inlet for the location, you'll see that the high tide today will be 3 feet, while the low tides will be -0.3 feet, and -0.7 feet.  That means the afternoon low tide will be lower than the morning low tide by a small amount.

Also you can compare the tides of today with the records.  The maximum high tide recorded in the tide table for Fort Pierce Inlet (South Jetty) is 3.9 feet, while the minimum is -1.3 feet.

That is a fairly high high tide.  The -0.7 low tide is a little more unusual if you compare it to what we have been having for the last few months.  We haven't had very many -0.7 days over the last few months.  I personally have a sense of how those numbers compare to what we've been having over the past few months, but I haven't found a chart of average tides yet.  That would help me describe how the current tides compare to the average, in addition to the extremes.

And of course there are other things to take into account, including the size of the surf, which, by the way, will be increasing just a little the next couple of days. 

I'm not expecting a change in my beach detecting conditions rating any time real soon.

Here is an interesting web site on the 18th century Storm Wreck from the St. Augustine area.


A ninety-year-old WW II vet received his dog tag in the mail after it was returned by a lady who found in while gardening in France.


After 70 years a lady found a diary in a museum that was meant for her.  Interesting story and very appropriate for Memorial Day.


I  might have missed something but the impression I got is that the diary belonged to the lady and should have been given to her.   The museum should have kept the copies, and made a replica if they wanted to, but given her the original.   Agree or disagree?

Early Guided Torpedo
Navy dolphins may lose their job of clearing mines to robots.


You might remember the story that I posted recently about the old torpedo recently recovered by a dolphin.

To the right is a picture of a torpedo similar to that one.  I don't think I posted it before.

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