Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5/29/13 Report - Turtle Nests Destroyed, Tides & Digging the Dips

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Ruined Turtle Nest in Eroded Beach Replenishment Sand
Close-up clip of photo submitted by William M. 

I've talked about this type of thing in this blog before, and others have sent me emails wondering how they can approve beach replenishment that are conducted during turtle nesting season.

Dumping tons of sand on the beach buries turtles nests that are already on the beach, and makes a place for turtles to lay eggs that will soon be ruined like the one shown above when it starts to erode.  And replenishment sand will erode much faster than the normal unmodified beach.  If you want evidence of that, just look at how often they are replenishing these beaches.  They often don't last even a year.

That is government.  While they spend money to do beach patrols to save the protected turtles (note the nest marker shown in the photo), they turn around and bury and create an unstable and untenable environment for turtle nests.  I guess that way they can increase two budgets - one to protect turtles and the other to destroy them.

Thanks for the illustrative photo William.

It also shows what I suggested the other day about the recently replenished beach being eroded.

More of the Same Photo from William.
Notice the turtle eggs that washed up.  Once they are hit by salt water, they are no longer viable.

Also note the extend of erosion already and the sea weed.

I day or two I posted a link to an article about a lady who found a diary meant for her in a museum.  My feeling was that the diary is hers.  Others wrote in saying they thought it should be given to her instead of the photo copies.  What we don't know is if they gave her the option of taking the diary or donating it to the museum.  I would bet they didn't offer to give her the diary.

I've been using the following web site lately for tide information.  If it proves out well, I'll post it on my blog with the other links.

Today the low tides will be around 6 AM and 6:30 PM.  Check the charts for you specific location.

The low tides will both be -0.3 feet.  So the second low tide will not be as low as yesterday's.

The high tide will be fairly high - around 3.3 feet.

Consider the tides in addition to the size of the surf and wind and wave directions.

Today on the Treasure Coast we have a 2 - 4 foot surf.  It will increase up to about 3 - 5 feet for Friday and then start decreasing a little again.

I was watching the TV news the other day and they showed swimmers at the beach on Memorial Day.  You could see that the swimmers were doing what they usually do - play in the dips and stand on the sand bars.  That should tell you something about where to check.

Check the dips.  It is usually easy to tell how good a dip might be by the amount of lose sand and shell in the dip.  The first dip will often be full of course shell.  That usually isn't good, except for things like watches.

The more the lose material has been  moved out of the dip, the better your chances will be for multiple good finds.  Ideally, you'll find a rock or hard packed bottom in the dip.

Otherwise you might always find a recent drop that hasn't been buried yet.

Happy hunting,