Monday, May 6, 2013

5/6/13 Report - Siver Bars, Big Clump of Reales, and Gold Coin

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The 13th Sedwick Coins Treasure Auction has concluded and the results are in. 

Today I decided to take a look at some of the stars of the auction, the first three of which brought winning bids of nearly $40,000 each, and the fourth, nearly $30,000.

All of the following photos are from the auction Sedwick Coins Treasure and World Coin Auction 13.

Here is the item that brought the highest bid.   It is a silver ingot, nearly 77 pounds from the Atocha.  You can see the clear markings including the date, manifest number, purity, owner/shipper monograms and tax stamps. 

The winning bid for this big and unusually nice ingot was $38,500.  It was lot 348.

And here is a nearly full mint bag of around 500 Charles IV 8 reales that sold for   $37,500.     The only thing missing is the bag.   Nice museum piece.

The clump weights 30 pounds and came from the Leocadia, which sunk in 1800 near Ecuador (Lot 911).

The clump of 8 reales brought a winning bid of $37.500.
 The silver ingots did well.  The one aboe and this one were exceptional. 
This one sold for $36,000.  (Lot 402).
And finally, a coin - gold of course. 
It is a 1768-B 1600 reis from Brazil.   Very nice condition and graded NGC AU58, extremely rare and the finest known example of its type.  So you have both extreme rarity and condition, resulting in a winning bid of  $29,000.  (Lot 152).

Those are some nice items.   They weren't from the Treasure Coast but plenty of them were.  And there are still some out there waiting to be found.

See the auction catalog for more like the above (

On the Treasure Coast the surf was 3 - 5 feet today.  The predictions haven't changed significantly.  We'll see a gradual decrease in the surf for the next few days.

The wind is from the West and the swell hitting pretty much from the East.

The tidal changes still very big.

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