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5/26/13 Report - Some Beaches Cut For Memorial Day Weekend But No Conditions Upgrade

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I've mentioned a few times about my recent trip up North.  Here is one part of it that I haven't mentioned before.  Above is some of my "personal history."

Government is not about personal history.  They are on opposite ends of the contiuum.  Government is about groups and abstractions more than individuality and freedom these days and doesn't recognize personal history except when it can be used for political purposes.

While up North I was in some small rural towns with interesting names like Independence and West Liberty that tell of a time when Pennsylvania and West Virginia were still frontiers - a time when politicians, like our President, would not and could not say of those who worked and risked to build a life in the frontier "you didn't do that," because they most certainly did.

The cemetery shown above is in the small town of Prosperity, and nearby is Amity.  The town names give a hint of the time period when they were formed and also something of the background of those who named them.

Back to the present day in Florida.

I was at the beach yesterday and saw a few hundred yards of two to three foot cuts, some of which I presume was created when the wind shifted a couple of days ago.  There was a good bit of  fresh sea weed on the eroded beach, which told me that the last erosion did not occur during the last tide cycle, but rather one or two before.

Here is a quick video clip of what I saw at that beach Sunday afternoon.

Despite the cuts, there were very very few targets.  That has been the way it has typically been at that shipwreck beach for a few years now.

That beach was one of the most productive for me for a long time, but in recent years it has been producing very little.  It is always tempting to believe that a beach that goes unproductive has been worked out, but I don't believe that is not the case.  It will become productive again at some point as happened after the hurricanes of 2004 and also after Sandy.

Above is another quick video clip, this one showing the surf conditions yesterday.  It is at the same beach that was cut.

I also visited another shipwreck beach yesterday, and it was not cut at all.  In fact shell sand was washing up onto the front of the second beach.  And the dips in the water were filling with course sand.  Very few targets there too.

Despite the cuts that I saw at the first beach, I'm not upgrading my beach detecting conditions rating.  It does show some improvement in detecting conditions, but not enough for me to upgrade my conditions rating from a 1 to a 2.

If you've been reading my blog very long, you know that my rating scale is a five point scale in which a 1 indicates poor beach detecting conditions and a 5 indicates excellent detecting conditions.

I would not be surprised though if one or two cobs are found somewhere on the Treasure Coast this holiday weekend.

As I've explained before, there are factors other than cuts to take into account.

The cuts that I showed are near the front beach in relatively newly accumulated sand.

The surf for Memorial Day will remain about 2 - 3 feet.   The wind is now directly from the East - not a good thing.

Unfortunately, the predictions for a six foot surf by Friday have now been reduced.

Fortunately, though, the low tides are nice and low. Too bad the dips are filled with crud.

I didn't take a look, but I'd bet that some of the recently replenished beaches eroded pretty good already.  I'll take a look at some of those soon.

There were a lot of beach goers and boaters yesterday.  That means some recent drops if you want to detect for new stuff.

Here are some good tide charts.  They present a lot of information for specific locations.

Here is a long article on the Dead Sea Scrolls and other documents and fragments and all of the politics and intrigue associated with that.    Very small fragments of these very old documents are some of the most valuable artifacts of any kind ever found and can sell for millions.

Have a blessed Memorial Day,